Owlkay Shoes Reviews {Nov 2022} Is It Scam Or Safe Site?

Please read this article to determine the Owlkay Shoes Reviews, an e-commerce website that sells shoes and socks of different patterns for women and men.

Are you fond of various types of shoes? Do you love collecting footwear to match each outfit? Are you looking forward to adding to your exclusive collection of sandals and boots? You must have come across Owlkay and cannot wait to explore its range, but are you skeptical about its authenticity? Then, please read this article to address your query.

In this write-up, we have discussed the Owlkay Shoes Reviews, about which the shoppers worldwide, including in South Africa, Australia, the United States, and Canada, are eager to find out. 

What is Owlkay?

Owlkay is an online e-commerce platform that sells shoes various categories of shoes for men and women. The products include sneakers, sandals, boots, rhinestone shoes, running and hiking shoes, etc. The website also sells socks of different styles like towel, wool, compression, and transparent socks. 


  • Website Type – An e-commerce website that offers shoes and socks of different styles for men and women. 
  • Website Address – https://www.owlkay.com/
  • Contact Address – RM1402, 14/F Building D, Wanda Plaza, Hongxing Road, District – Gongshu, China (Apropos Is Owlkay Shoes Legit, this address is linked to numerous e-commerce portals on the Net). 
  • Contact Number – (86)1330 6810 786 (This contact number is also present on the contact page of other websites). 
  • E-mail Id – service@owlkay.com
  • Sort By and Filter By – Available
  • Shipment Policy – Standard shipping takes 7-20 and 10-25 business days within and outside the US, respectively. Free shipping is available for orders above $59, below which delivery charges are $5.99. 
  • Returns and Refunds – Customers should return the items within 60 days of purchase. They shall receive the refunds within 7 days of receiving the product. 
  • Social Media Connection – Present (This is a vital point concerning the Owlkay Shoes Reviews).
  • Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions – Mentioned
  • Payment Methods – PayPal and credit or debit cards of Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, and Discover.
  • Products’ Price – Mentioned in USD. 


  • The designers have provided an explicit shoe size guide.
  • The website provides a wide variety of product colors and styles. 


  • The Terms and Conditions segment mentions the name of another company. Thus, it indicates that the developers may have copied the policy wordings. 
  • The contact address and telephone number are linked with other dubious websites. 
  • The customers may feel hesitant to trust this website as it is comparatively new.

Is Owlkay Shoes Legit

Please find the below particulars based on our research about this website. These facts will help you determine the authenticity of this website and answer the subject query. 

  • Website Age – The portal is 10 months old, as its creation date is 28 November 2020.
  • Website Trust Score – 5%, which falls under the category of a Very Bad Trust Index.
  • Ranking in Alexa – 781,006, which is not an impressive rank. 
  • Social Media Connection – The website is linked to its social media profiles on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. This fact may influence your opinions about the Owlkay Shoes Reviews.
  • Reviews of Customers – Mixed customer reviews are present on the website.
  • Genuineness of Contact Details – The physical address and contact number mentioned on the portal is present on the contact pages of other doubtful platforms on the Web. 
  • Content Originality – Another company name is mentioned on the Terms and Conditions page. Thus, it may be possible that the developers have copied the policy wordings from that source. 

Based on the above facts, the subject website seems suspicious. However, we cannot comment on its legality as it is comparatively new. 

Owlkay Shoes Reviews

We could not find any customer reviews about this website on leading reviewing forums such as Quora, Reddit, or Amazon. This website is newly launched, and the customers may be apprehensive of the payment scams that such new websites can cause. Therefore, it will be helpful to know How to Get a Refund on Paypal, If Scammed, to stay cautious. However, many buyers have purchased its products and reviewed them on the website. These reviews are mostly positive, with some genuine opinions about fitting issues. 


Based on our researched information about the Owlkay Shoes Reviews, we cannot declare this website’s legality as it is new. Also, please read How to Get a Full Refund on Credit Card Scam to stay safe. You might want to view different shoe styles with their images. 

What is your opinion about Owlkay Shoes? Please share below. 

51 thoughts on “Owlkay Shoes Reviews {Nov 2022} Is It Scam Or Safe Site?”

  1. Owlkay is a scam. I ordered shoes and they didn’t arrive even though the tracking information reported that it did. I showed the tracking number at the post office and it was not registered with Australia post. Don’t use Owlkay if you don’t want to get scammed.

      • I have purchased a pair of shoes from Owlkay in a size 40. They arrived in a size 38! I sent the documentation to them and offered to send the shoes back. No they didn’t want that and offered a 5% discount on another pair. So I ordered again a size 40, (with no where to add my discount) at full price and recieved ANOTHER SIZE 38!!!! So angry!
        The shoes are a beautiful soft leather and of reasonably good quality but I won’t be ordering again.
        My second pair was a pair of saddles in size 40 (my size) and they were Huge! Way too big for me. So I ordered a size 38 thinking these would fit. NO…they arrived and were so small I could not get my foot into them at all.
        Such a disappointment because the shoes themselves are lovely, soft and look so comfortable…MY ADVISE DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY

    • I ordered shoes, i ordered a size 10, ohh my good to my shock and horror my foot would not fit into this shoe , the quality is poor, they were not what I expected ,i want a refund plz, what address do i send them back to? I will ge waiting a reply asap thank you Bev my tracking number was 33XJN4884759

  2. It appears to be a rip off site- fakes
    I was looking at a pair of their boots.
    The boots people sent photos of in their reviews were very different from the ones advertised! (The style even change from one review to another!)
    Hence me now trying to find out more about the site.

      • Never buy from this website, the shoes sizes are incorrect. Due to the pandemic, China is no longer receiving packages unless under emergency circumstances. I had never heard of this until now. The owlkay customer service offered 20% refund. I said I wanted a full refund. They responded that if a supervisor gets involved I might get 30%. I still said 100% refund. Their latest response, “ok just post shoes back.” Which ofcourse I can’t actually do until China allow packages to be returned. Which will then be outside of the “refund window” which isn’t actually a refund at all.

        • Hello Lianne Taylor, Thanks for the direction. This is one way of scammers to deal with. They argue with you and then ask such options which are not possible to handle. Be careful. Deal with such portals which are known. Thanks.

  3. They are a true scam! They are made out of garbage!!! DO not buy! They’re money guarantee is literally bill crap! When I emailed them about it..well
    Let’s just say I’m still waiting for a response. The money it costs to ship back is more than the worth of the sneakers. Buying shoes from the dollar store are better quality than these pieces of crap! Don’t waste your time or money!

    • Hi Sue, it is a fact that the scam web stores have no ethics. their operation is very different and your own experience make us understand that dealing with authentic portals is always great for an online buyers. Take care.

  4. Wow! I sort of feel like I should have read these comments first before purchasing! I had a very different experience…I purchased some sandals off them only a few weeks ago. I live in NZ. I didn’t get scammed and the sandals turned up about 3 weeks later. I actually love the shoes. I have worn them a lot already and seriously am considering buying another pair. They are one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever owned to be honest. Maybe I was one of the lucky ones 🤔

  5. I bought two pairs of shoes from owlkay, I never got a confirmation email and when they eventually arrived they had no packing slip or order number. The shoes look very different to how they do on the site and are very poor quality, also a few sizes too big but the shoe doesn’t have the size written on it anywhere so I can’t verify if they sent me the ones I ordered. I’ve emailed them asking for a refund and they say they can’t find my order and keep asking me for more information that I’ve already provided.

    • Hello Aline, Thanks for the update. This is the way of scammers. They provide low-quality products and then ignore to answer. They use many tricks to grab money from the buyers. At last, the buyers will be saddened. So, it is better to be away and alert. Take care. Be cautious.

  6. I bought a pair of sneakers. They are made of cheap plastic, the size was too big and they look really cheap. They weight together with the bag and the box 400 gr.
    No possibility to return as China isn’t receiving packages. They offered me a 20% refund…

  7. The shoes I bought from this company are very poor quality. They arrived broken, and the returns policy is misleading. They do not pay for return shippung if product is faulty, which is contrary to what is promised on their website. I would not recommend buying from them.

  8. Ordered 3 or 4 times and got shoe sizes wrong 3 times. Still sitting on them here. Quality questionable and only one pair was actually comfortable but they smell with secret socks on. Still wear them though.

    Who are they copying from??? Does anyone know?

  9. I ordered a pair of waterproof high-rise sneakers/boots. The tracking worked. There was a shipping delay in BC Canada but they arrived a couple of days ago. I was a little taken aback that they were in a plastic bag, not a box. However they are good shoes and I like them for the slippery winter conditions here in Montreal, QC. Sizing was on the large side for me. I ordered 8’s but they’re a little too roomy for me so was thinking of getting another pair in another colour but size 7. I’m surprised and worried to read the above comments. Not sure I should order another pair now, but I do like them.

  10. The horrible thing about these types of companies you purchase something on this site name then the name changes when time to purchase making it confusing who you write to with problems. I bought (3) pairs of shoes from Olkay over 3 wks ago & haven’t received. I’ve sent (3) emails to Olkay support email provided & NO response. These overseas companies go under 1,000 different names I think to make it harder to get in contact with them with any problems. This is looking more & more like a multi-company scam. I’ve received no tracking #’s or upda The U.S. needs to have tighter reins on these type of companies. I want a refund OR the (3) prs of shoes that were never delivered.

  11. This is the worse company I have ever dealt with. Really bad customer service. I had an issue with the fit of shoes I purchased and they would only offer a full refund if I returned the shoes and paid for the shipping myself with out getting refunded for it. So after many emails and them not helping me at all I reluctantly said I would take the 20% refund they offered. I did not receive a refund at all and it’s been two months. I do not recommend buying from them. Horrible customer service.

  12. Owlkay or Firsple Ltd – I would advise shoppers to BEWARE of this company. So much advertising and there is a difference in what you receive. I purchased 1pr Sandals 2pr slip on shoes. Sandals were different colour and not the supportive style that was advertised. Slip on shoes were not supportive and don’t fit me properly. I asked to return them and was offered 20% and keep items, then offered 30% and keep items. Apparently China is NOT accepting returns due to Pandemic and I’m lead to believe the 30% refund, should I agree, will never be refunded. Very disappointed, but have learnt my lesson the hard way.

  13. Do not order from this company. It claims satisfaction guaranteed. No way. I cannot get my foot into the shoe, request return info and they offer me a % off purchase price. Why would I want to keep shoes I can’t even try on?

  14. I am having a bad experience with owlkay customer service which is very slow and basically hopeless! I recently ordered and paid for a pair of shoes but i dont have any record of the order from owlkay. The payment was made through paypal to owlkay. Its been hopeless dealing with owlkay customer service as no resolution has been sorted. Ive written several emails showing proof of purchase through paypal but keep getting same useless computer generated reply. Very frustrating & annoying as i am out of pocket $46US !

  15. The shoes I ordered were stated as true to size, so I ordered a size 40. When they arrived, they were too small, and the wrong colour. I have been offered a discount on another pair in a bigger size, which means I’m still left with a pair of shoes too small for me. They haven’t provided a return address, but I’m assuming that’s because it will be somewhere in China, which will probably cost as much as the shoes, or more. Very disappointed.

  16. Purchased a pair of trainers and when they arrived they were completely different to what I had ordered. When I complained they asked me to keep the product and accept a 30% refund. What they sent was horrible and nothing remotely like what I ordered. Do not trust these guys one inch. If I could post photos of what I ordered V what they sent me on here I would for consumers to see.

  17. I too ordered shoes from Owlkay and got a pair way too small. As the shoes do not have sizes in them I have no idea what size they sent. However when I asked for the return address I was offered a 20% discount and to keep the shoes. I told them that this does not solve the problem of them not fitting me. After numerous unanswered emails I was asked to measure my foot which I did and since then all emails have been ignored. I will never order from these sorts of companies online again. It’s just a scam.

  18. I ordered 3 pairs from them and they all arrived in good condition, but it took about 20 days. The shoes have no size, but were of soft leather, almost like slippers. I find they were well made, but do not offer much support, which I need. I got a tracking # and I kept my original order form. I need to return them, so i will see how that process goes. The website did say that unless the shoes were defective, the buyer was liable for shipping.

    • Hello Dee Dee Wood, You did it right. The claim part is only the option otherwise you will lose money. The scammers will give reasons to avoid you or else they will not reply. Buyers when you think the portal is suspicious, directly claim for refund. Take care. Thanks and Regards.

  19. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY FROM CHINA. Those shoes are poorly doneI ordered 2 pairs. The shoes are of very low quality, they smell very strongly of chemical glue, and it is impossible for me to walk in them because they are not designed in a proportional way. I have no problem ordering shoes or sandals online normally. And above all, the customer service sucks, they only offer me a 30% refund.

    • Hello MARTINE PAQUETTE, very disheartening. How much is the time gap? Did you try to contact them anyway? Else try for a refund from the payment company. It will work. Check with other buyer comments to get an idea. Be careful. Take care.


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