Ovoid Wordle {July} Read Solution Of Quordle Game Here!

This post on Ovoid Wordle will help the players to solve the Quordle. Also, you will get details on the hints to solve the game.

How much curiosity do you have to solve Wordle? You must be familiar with the popular word game wordle. If you want to upgrade your word skills, switch to quordle. Quordle is the upgraded version of Wordle; you must put your hands on it if you want to challenge your vocabulary. These games are popular in Australia, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

Ovoid Wordle will guide our reader on the correct solution for an extended version of Wordle which is Quordle. Keep scrolling this write-up and clear all your doubts.

Is Ovoid the answer of Wordle?

Many players are confused with the word, Ovoid. They are misinterpreted and searching it as Wordle’s answer. But, it is the answer of Quordle. To solve Quordle of July 13, 2022, you can go for the word Ovoid as it is the right answer. We all know that it has four right solutions and the first three solutions are Nymph, Speck, and Feral. And the last solution is Ovoid.

Ovoid Definition

The word ovoid is defined as resembling an egg in shape, more or less egg-shaped. Players are searching for its meaning as the word is quite different. So, here we have mentioned its meaning. Further, it would help if you tried at first to solve it as it has unique arrangements of letters. Clues will help you to guess and prepare a plan. Those who have not solved this puzzle yet can try by looking at the hints mentioned ahead in this post. Keep reading this post.

Hints and clues for Ovoid Wordle

Quordle gives extra clues and hints to earn more information before the first attempt, as there are four words. As you progress, the more you reach the end. It will be easy to understand Quordle’s criteria for solving the puzzle. The clues for the word are:

  • Step 1: word starts with a vowel and ends in a consonant.
  • Step 2: Start with the letter O.
  • Step 3 ends with the letter D.
  • Step 4: it means egg-shaped object.
  • Step 5: middle letter O.

By solving it, you will be able to find the Ovoid Wordle in the results in the quordle. We hope you will find it easy to solve quordle. 


We conclude that the word ovoid is perfectly solved in the quordle as we are not getting it in the Wordle. Some players were misguided and they were searching for this word as Wordle’s answer. But, in reality, it was Quordle’s answer. We hope that we have cleared all your doubts. If you want to know more about today’s answer, kindly check here.

Did this post help you in solving today’s Quordle? If yes, please let us know your views on Ovoid Wordle. Also, let us know if you need more assistance in the Quordle game.

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