Overlord NFT (Sep 2021) Read Authentic Information!

This post is about Overlord NFT, the unique NFT-integrated mobile RPG game, allowing users to experience it over their devices with internet connectivity.

With the development of the NFT trend and its influence on the game market, plenty of NFT-integrated game projects popped up. 

However, the majority of these were web-based games or basic games. It is really difficult to approach players Worldwide who do not have digital versions. 

Are you aware of the profitability scope or innovative integration of Overlord NFT? If not, this article comes up with everything you need to know about Overlord or LORD NFT. 

So, please scroll down and discover what exactly it is, Overlord.

What is Overlord?

Overlord of LORD NFT, the emerging crypto, claims to be the first mobile RPG game to integrate NFT successfully.

Overlord will enable players to enjoy and experience this NFT integration with a cellular device and internet connection.

The all-time high of the Overlord or LORD crypto coin is approximately $ 0.01833, while its all-time low is about $ 0.01593.

What are the current statistics of Overlord NFT?

The current price of Overlord or LORD NFT is about $ 0.0168, ranking #2722 over the crypto platform. The twenty-four-hour trading volume is about $ 8 605 744 without changing in the past twenty-four hours.

Its maximum supply is about 1 000 000 000 LORD crypto coins and the total supply of about 600 000 000, without the availability of circulating supply and live market cap. 

The 24 hours low is estimated at $ 0.01593, while the 24 hours low is $ 0.01833. Besides, the fully diluted market cap of Overlord or LORD crypto coin is about $ 16 631 433 76.

However, please check the market analysis of Overlord NFT before trading or choosing it as a long-term investment crypto coin.

What is the conversion rate of LORD coin to USD?

The conversion rate of LORD coin to USD is as follows:

  • 1 LORD = 0.016455 USD
  • 2 LORD = 0.03291 USD
  • 3 LORD = 0.049365000000000006 USD
  • 4 LORD = 0.06582 USD
  • 5 LORD = 0.082275 USD
  • 10 LORD = 0.16455 USD
  • 20 LORD = 0.3291 USD
  • 50 LORD = 0.08227500000000001 USD
  • 100 LORD = 0.6455000000000002 USD

What is the long-term prediction for the Overlord crypto coin?

If Overlord crypto coin has about 5% past average growth each year in the Bitcoin, Overlord NFT is estimated at $ 0.02 by 2022 and $ 0.03 by 2023.

Besides, the price of the Overlord may reach $ 0.03 by 2024 and will remain at $ 0.03 by 2025. Hence, you must evaluate the prediction and growth of Overlord before planning to invest.

Final Verdict:

Overlord or LORD is the first RPG game for mobile devices, integrated by NFT, a crypto coin launched in 2021. If you plan to trade Overlord, Binance and Huobi Pro is the most active exchanges as it supports all major crypto coins. 

However, you must know the profitability scope before trading Overlord NFT. Besides, know more facts about the Overlord or LORD NFT . Please leave comments.

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