Outlook VS Thunderbird: Comparative Review of Mailing Apps

Outlook VS Thunderbird: There are numerous mailing apps available in the market, but the most popular ones are Outlook and Thunderbird. These are desktop programs that are quite useful for accessing email on your local computer. However, if you get confused when choosing one email app out of them, this blog will help you choose the right option for your needs.

Comparative Review

After reading this review, there is nothing wrong with trying both mailing apps and selecting the best. For such people, there is a convenient Thunderbird to Outlook converter that will perform fast and easy data transfer between the clients. However, if you wish to devote some time and check the differences, you will be able to avoid this.

Pluses and Minuses of Thunderbird 

Thunderbird is an open-source mailing program introduced by Mozilla and supported by a huge community worldwide. Nevertheless, the project development has been recently postponed, so no new updates have been created. As of today, you can install only an old version of the software. This is a completely free app that can be installed by any person. One can select between three various types of software packages available both for Windows and Linux. This program is easy to use and set up.

Thunderbird offers several useful features to its users. For instance, it provides LDAP: whether you have sent a letter to a recipient, this address will immediately appear in the contact list. Next time, you can just indicate the first letters of the recipient’s name – the mailing app will automatically fill in the rest of the address. The program supports chats in Google Talk,  IRC, Twitter, Facebook, and XMPP.

As for the cons, Thunderbird is prone to crash when the inbox folder size grows. Besides, the user interface is very outdated.

Outlook: Pros and Cons

MS Outlook is a personal information manager and a secure mailing program. It is the most widely used desktop email client that allows working with MS Exchange and MS Sharepoint servers. With the calendar, you can send and receive meeting requests and share your schedule with others on your network.

Besides, Outlook provides the Social Connector feature: you can allow the integration of social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Windows Live Messenger with MS Outlook. Pros:

  • provides a powerful anti-spam and phishing filters;
  • supports IMAP, POP3;
  • easy to attach another account to Outlook like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.;
  • supports different languages;
  • provides various utilities;
  • gives you the ability to customize the color and design of the user interface.

But, Outlook is not an open-source system at all, it is wholly owned by Microsoft, this software is not free to download. Both email clients provide the best features for email management, so it’s your turn to make a final choice.

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