Otterstand Reviews {Jan 2022} Is It A Legit Website?

Read the pointers to explore legitimacy facts for a website providing multiple options for eye-glass stands, revealing the facts for Otterstand Reviews.

Have you heard the name Otterstand before? What does the website deal with? How is the platform different from the existing ones? Is the portal safe to place the orders?

Otterstand is an online platform dealing with glasses stands. The website has its hype worldwide due to the unique category and product it is dealing with. People all over the world are looking for its options and provided categories.

But, before placing the orders, let’s get into the details of Otterstand Reviewsrevealing the facts of whether the website is a safe platform to place orders or not.

What is Otterstand?

We all have seen multiple online websites and platforms dealing with clothing, footwear and multiple other accessories. But, Otterstand is slightly different from all the existing ones as the platform provides multiple options in eye-glass stands. Ranging from pets to eco-friendly creatures, you can scroll down multiple options for the same over the internet.

But, before placing the orders, you must have clarity whether the website you are opting for is a safe platform or not. Disclosing all the facts for Otterstand, this article will help you get the answers for Is Otterstand Legitrevealing the platform’s authenticity.

Specifications of the Website:

  • Website: Deals with Eye-Glass stands.
  • URL:
  • Email: help@otterstand.comCompany’s Name: ICEBOX NETWORK SL
  • Address: C/Resurreccion 3, Bajo, Madrid
  • Contact Number: Not Mentioned on the platform.
  • Processing time: Upto 10 Business Days.
  • Shipping Time: 15-20 Business Days.
  • Shipping Cost: Calculated based on weights and destination. Free Shipping on orders above $69.
  • Returns/Exchange: The website offers a 30-day return policy.
  • Refund: Initiated after inspecting the returned products.
  • Delivery: Attempted within 20-3 business days.
  • Cancellation: Can be requested within 24 hours of order placement.
  • Mode of Payment: VISA, MasterCard and PayPal.

Got the hints for Otterstand Reviews? Let’s dig into this website’s positive and negative aspects to get unbiased answers.

Positive Aspects of the Website: 

  • The website deals with a unique category that is not found easily over the internet.
  • Otterstand is currently providing an exquisite Christmas discount, providing all its products at the least possible prices.
  • All the policies for the platform are explained in detail.

Negative Aspects of the Website:

  • Alexa Ranking for the platform is too high, thereby reflecting its engagements.
  • The contact Address for the website mentioned on the page does not seem correct.
  • The website’s overall presence is also not found much appealing.

Is Otterstand Legit?

We cannot claim the legitimacy of online platforms based on some easily found facts. There are multiple hidden factors too that need to be considered before placing the orders. Our team has researched all these factors for your feasibility, mentioning them in the article below for better results-

  • Website’s Age: The website is recently registered, and the domain age for the same is only one month old.
  • Trust Score of the Website: Trust Score of the platform is also very low, which is below 10%. This, therefore, reflects the high-risk factors with the same.
  • Reviews of the Platform: Otterstand Reviews for the website are not found on the webpage or over the internet.
  • Alexa Ranking for the Platform: Alexa ranking for Otterstand is also too high, #1,715,229.
  • Social Media Presence of the Website:
  • Contact Details for the Platform: The website’s contact number is not found, and the Address mentioned for the same is also not correct.
  • Content Originality: Some of the content of this website is copied from other platforms.
  • The Website’s appearance: The website’s appearance is not much appealing.
  • Online Links Availability: Links for the platform are also not found over the internet.

Otterstand Reviews:

As we have already mentioned, the reviews for this platform are missing yet. We cannot fetch any links directing to its reviews or ratings. This can be because of the new launch; few people are aware of the same or have placed their orders.

The newly launched website always has some risk for scams. If you too have ever lost your money in any of them, click on this link to know about Paypal Scams, revealing the points to get your money back.

Final Verdict:

After scrolling all the facts for Otterstand Reviewswe can conclude this as a newly launched website. Due to its less awareness and missing reviews, we cannot claim anything about its legitimacy yet.

Therefore, we advise our readers not to place any orders until it fetches some real reviews.

Internet Fraud Prevention will further help you explore the information to beware of such scams.

Have you placed your orders with this website yet? Comment down your views about the same below. 

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6 thoughts on “Otterstand Reviews {Jan 2022} Is It A Legit Website?”

  1. I ordered a glasses stand from Otterstand well before Christmas – nothing on their site seemed to indicate that it wouldn’t be here on time. Well, it finally shipped AFTER Christmas and it’s now January 13th and it’s still in route. Apparently it’s coming from China, which was never indicated on their website.

    • Hello G, we feel sad, you have not received the order. Check if it gets dispatched and let us know about the quality of the product. Buyers, check the portal details before you proceed with any transaction. Take care. Thanks.

  2. Otterstand is an absolute scam. Do NOT buy from their site. My order arrived damaged. Then they told me that replacing it would take a very long time. When I asked for a full refund (the policy on their website says full refunds for damaged goods) they offered me a 5% refund. When I complained they bumped it to 10%. Gee, thanks. An absolute disaster of a company with horrible customer service. Please don’t waste your money. I am fighting the charges through my credit card.

  3. I also ordered one well before Christmas and it arrived very late with no indication that it was shipping from China. I finally received my order & was very disappointed. It is not hand painted & it looks very cheap, the coloring appears to be computer generated. I have emailed back and forth trying to get my money back but with no luck. Do not buy, and if you do I hope you don’t try and receive a refund because they will just run you in circles.

    • Hello Harold McGee, thanks for the update and suggestion. We feel nervous, the product was not as you ordered. Buyers check the feedback about the portal and then proceed. Nowadays, they showcase the products as well and provide low-quality. So beware. Thanks & regards. Take care.

      • Update.
        Otterstand refused to refund my money even though their website say 100% satisfaction guaranteed. They didn’t offer an exchange, discount on future purchase or anything; they said no refunds for quality issues. I have disputed the charge with my bank, so we will see what happens.


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