Oscar Fineries Reviews {June} Is This Legit Or Scam?

The above article on Oscar Fineries Reviews provides every detail on the web portal’s products and the website’s worthiness. Follow our blog to know more.

Do you like antique pens? Are you looking for a shopping portal selling beautiful accessories? Then this site is what you were looking for. This website offers beautiful accessories. It was introduced in the United States.

Today, in this Oscar Fineries Reviews, we will provide every detail about the shopping portal, the amazing products it sells and more about the credibility and worthiness of the web portal. To know further, follow the blog below.

What is oscarfineries.com?

This is an amazing shopping dealing in various types of accessories. It has a vast collection of fountain pens. Their products are well-designed and quite attractive. While the quality of their products is also good, it also provides a good discount on every product. It is a $1 store that offers everything for $1. But as it is an online shopping portal, the buyer often asks, Is Oscar Fineries Legit or a fake site? Before purchasing anything.

Points to note:

  • The URL of the web portal: oscarfineries.com
  • Domain Introduction date: 01/06/2022
  • Domain date of lapse: 01/06/2023
  • Id of Email: support@oscarfineries.com
  • Website’s Address: The address of the web portal is not mentioned in the web portal. 
  • The number for support: No number to contact is present in their web portal.
  • Web-designer name: The web-designer name is not given in their web portal.
  • Delivery Policy: It takes 5-18 days to deliver their products.
  • Free-shipping amount: It does not allow free shipping on its products.
  • Delivery on the standard: Under Oscar Fineries Reviews, there is no standard delivery information on their website.
  • Social Platform logo: It does not have any social platform logo on its web portal.
  • Rate of Tax: The customer has to pay the taxes on orders.
  • The time period for return: It allows a 15-day return service on its orders.
  • Payment Ways: Google pay, PayPal, Master card etc.

Positive points of oscarfineries.com:

  • It has shared its email Id for customer service.
  • It allows various gateways of payment.
  • It allows simple return and exchange service. 

Negative points of oscarfineries.com:

  • It does not have any social media logo on its webpage.
  • It does not share its contact number for customer support.

Is Oscar Fineries Legit or a fake Website?

Customers should follow all the information on the web portal and confirm every detail before relying on the site and placing an order. Listed below are the points to know its legitimacy: 

  • The existence of the webpage: The web portal was designed on 01/06/2022. 
  • Phone details: No number to contact is present on their web portal.
  • The Social site logos: It does not have any social platform logo on its web portal.
  • Points of Trust: The website’s trust point is bad, only 1%.
  • Percentage of Discount: It allows a good discount on every product. 
  • Web-portal exact Location: By following Oscar Fineries Reviews, The address of the web-portal is not mentioned in the web portal. 
  • Policies and services: It has distinct pages for its Policies and services.
  • Duplicate content rate: The web portal has 0% duplicate content. 
  • Alexa percentage: The Alexa rank of the website in the global ranking is #4323865.
  • Information of Refunds: It allows refunds after 5-10 of returning the order.
  • Rate on return: The customers are not required to pay the return charge.
  • Items that are non-refundable: There is no detail present on Non-refundable goods.
  • Order cancel method: Order can be cancelled within 24 hours after order placement.
  • Details on Exchange: The website allows exchange on every product.

Oscar Fineries Reviews:

This website does not have any reviews from the customer on its products. In contrast, the Alexa ranking of the web portal is around #4323865. Furthermore, the web portal does not have any social networking logo on its webpage, which clearly states its credibility. Customers should follow – How To Get A Refund On Credit Card If Scammed?

Summing Up:

The website has very less experience in selling products online. Buyers are also not relying on their shopping portals. The website has got a bad trust point. Moreover, the website does not have any customer reviews and ratings and lacks social media platform presence as per Oscar Fineries Reviews

This shopping website is a scam, and buyers should be careful while dealing with such a portal. Here buyers also should follow- How To Get A Refund On Paypal If Scammed?

Have you ever faced a paypal Scam? Comment your opinions.

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