Optfly Reviews {Jan 2022} Is It A Legitimate Offer?

If you want to learn more about Optfly Reviews, this article is helpful for you guys to know every detail about this website.

Christmas is too close, and everybody is preparing for the Christmas feast. Everyone has their plans for Christmas eve. People might be exploring different websites in the United States and all around the world. One such store, Optfly.com, is selling items that you might need for your Christmas decorations. Also, if you are planning Halloween, you can visit this store.

You must read Optfly Reviews before purchasing any item. So, we recommend you read all the guidelines provided by us in this article. We suggest all the shoppers not skip any section as each section contains useful information regarding this website.

Brief of Optfly.com

Optfly.com sells Halloween and Christmas decorations products that can add more power and strength to your feast. Your main motive is to impress your guests and make your party look different as compared to others. So you must explore the items they offer like:

  • Christmas decoration like sea glass Christmas tree, Santa Claus musical riding rope, and other ornaments.
  • Halloween items like costumes, decorations materials.

But go through: Is Optfly Legit section once so that you can clear all your worries and doubts regarding your shopping store. This online store has really good stuff, and if you are planning to explore this site, it is a nice idea, and you will love the collection for sure. Let’s further discuss its significance.

Features of Optfly.com

  • Purchase a beautiful Christmas tree from https://optfly.com/
  • The Address of email: help@optfly.com
  • Contact details: +1(314) 391-9119.
  • Address details: 8749 Guinevere St, Houston, Texas-77029
  • Shipment time: Time taken to deliver products is 3-7 days.
  • There are no Optfly Reviews available in the articles of Optfly.com.
  • Return Policy:
  • If found any items defected, contact through email within Thirty days of delivery.
  • $20 restocking fees are charged for exchange or return.
  • It would take 3-5 days to refund your amount after inspection.
  • Pay through Visa, American Express, Master Card, GPay.

Positive points

  • Email, contact number, and address are found.
  • The online tracking system is mentioned.

Negative Highlights

  • No shopper reviews were found.
  • No relevant pages on social media were found.
  • Restocking fees are charged for return and exchange.
  • Ships within the USA.

Is Optfly Legit?

We have shared all the possible details on Optfly.com, but some details are yet to be shared. The main purpose is to satisfy the customers, and they always wanted to know about the legitimacy of the online stores. Their privacy policies, terms, and conditions must be mentioned by the website like an open book. So here we are sharing some details.

  • Domain Registration: the site was registered on June 28, 2021.
  • Registrar: name of the registrar is Name Cheap, Inc.
  • Trust index: Optfly.com got 1% trustworthiness which is worse.
  • Customer’s opinion. We got no Optfly Reviews on any item on this site.
  • Social relatedness: no relevant pages and information regarding this site are found on social media.
  • Privacy policy: the privacy policy of this site is a bit acceptable and good 
  • Data safety: Https protocol is found, which means information is transferred safely.

All this information will tell the customers regarding the legitimacy of this website. But still, we would recommend you all not to share any information with the website as the intention is still unknown. Also, there are some points that are suspicious and make this website the least trustworthy. So be careful before making payment.

Optfly Reviews

We found many details regarding this website. This website has address details, phone numbers, and information regarding email addresses, but there was zero shopper feedback found on this site and on other reviewing sites. It has no popularity on social media as well as it has the least publicity on Alexa Rank. All these things make this site a suspicious site more than a trustworthy site. So you have to be careful before you make any deal with this site.

If you want to know about credit card scams, refer to this post.

Final Summary

Based on Optfly Reviews, we suggest every shopper not share any details as this website has less than six months of life span, which is a negative point. Also, it got a bad trust score on scoring sites making it more doubtful to use. To view more details regarding Halloween Costumes, see this page.

Would you please share your ideas on Optfly.com? Please comment below.

See PayPal-related details on this page.

23 thoughts on “Optfly Reviews {Jan 2022} Is It A Legitimate Offer?”

  1. DO NOT BUY! The items I bought were Halloween decorations. The packaging was a mess when it arrived, probably because it was made and shipped from China. Delivery took well over a month. Products were damaged and tangled, and not as pictured. I contacted the company weeks ago and have still not received instructions on how to return this mess.

  2. Address is a house in Texas, phone number is in St Louis Missouri. Listed phone number has the + 1 country code, which is something foreigners write, not a legitimate USA company. That is another giveaway that the site may just be looking for credit card numbers with customer shipping and billing addresses. Buyer Beware

  3. Bought from these guys and did receive my product. But, the product is an unlicensed replica from china. They used images from the official site of the product and then sent something similar but not what was shown. The item was also broken in shipment. 2 weeks’ worth of emails and I do not have a resolution. I feel lucky I got something close to what I wanted and I was able to fix it myself, in case they won’t replace the broken item. I do not recommend using this site.

  4. STAY FAR AWAY!! I paid $109.00 for an 11 foot Inflatable Grinch. Instead I received a 4 foot Santa Claus. My kids and I waited over a month to receive this ridiculous package. I emailed them requesting full refund but have not heard back. I should have realized that it was too good to be true!

    • Hello Jessica H, It feels bad. You have put a huge amount and still no such reply. Such fraud is all around, they earn money and disappear. They can handle sites of different names with false information. The list has increased and they are grabbing money. Take proper actions and this must be stopped. Be cautious. Thanks.

  5. I ordered a Sthil 20″ chain saw.I got no conformattion of the purchase, i paid with my debit card an it was collected by optfly. tried calling , e-mail and tech n o responce. what can I do to find out where is My chain saw.or how to get a refund?

  6. I bought an adult tricycle for my son and I have not received a tracking number. I have emailed the company several times with no response. I would like for an optfly manager to contact me. Thank you!

    • Hello Sheri S, if no single reply from them, then it’s doubtful. Check with them once, else you can opt for a refund option. The payment company can help you better. Please drop the comment. Be aware and alert. Thanks. Take care.

  7. Ii I ordered the ps4 and the ps5 both for ridiculously low prices. I will take this chance and I will keep this post updated. If I’m out $125 you can bet this won’t be the only post you read about them. If they reading this, fair warning!!! You don’t know who I know!

  8. I ordered a Christmas Vacation ceramic 5 piece gift set . A heavy pricetag and I should have known better. My Department 56 knockoff from China arrived damaged and missing the main piece. No better quality items than can be found at any Dollar Store.
    No response yet from my complaints to them… whoever and wherever “they” are.

  9. I ordered my son a set of of pokemon cards, and no shipping information yet, i paid with a debit card and now im out $66 because no response from the website at all. It’s almost a month now and still nothing from them. Buyer Beware! Do not buy from optfly.com!!

  10. I just ordered a nugget ice machine for 60.00 and have not received it as of yet. It’s been 10 days and I just emailed them and have gotten no response yet.

    • Hello Deacquernita Davidson, did you try to call them? I think, no response keeps the buyers in doubt. So, you can get in touch with the payment company to give back your money. No else option, they will guide you. Stay away. Be aware and alert. Take care. Thanks.

  11. Yes a month ago I order a magic mixes for my grand baby as of date I still don’t have it . I did receive a email today stating that it was delivered today, that was a lie I received nothing. Please be aware this company is a scam. Also if you’re reading this I want my money back. My order number is 9265. Thanks

    • Hello Muriel Finn, thanks for the detailed message. Did you try to check where it’s delivered? These are the tricks they use and earn money. Buyers, be aware of such portals and go for a genuine one. If no reply, check for a refund from your payment company. Let us know. Thanks. Take care.

  12. DO NOT ORDER!!!!!!! ITS A SCAM. They stole 70 dollars from me. You order the item and they send the package to another address.

  13. I ordered a cooler back in November 2021. Never was delivered by Christmas as promised, know it shows it was delivered to the wrong location several states away. Contact by email and phone with no answers back. Had to file fraudulent charges with my bank, contact legal and BBB

    • Hello Charles Richards, we feel sad, you did not get the order. These are tricks used by the cheaters and they present as though they had shipped it. Yes, go for a refund. Please update here. Thanks.

  14. I ordered the nugget ice maker and never received it. The tracking information shows it was delivered to Maryland…. I live in Kansas. I have emailed with no response. They could at least give my money back.

  15. orders a deep freezer # 8355 delivered my
    package to a post office in ak
    that’s not where i live i did put that down when i placed my oder


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