Opersus Reviews (Aug 2021) Is The Online Store Legit?

Opersus Reviews (Aug 2021) Is The Online Store Legit? >> Please read this write-up to know about an online portal providing various products related to household and fashion.

Are you willing to shop some fancy items for your closet? Do you want to explore the website of Opersus but have doubts regarding its authenticity? Here are few details regarding the legitimacy of the site. Go through it for having a clear view.

We have provided a few key points and facts to help you with the Opersus Reviews. In addition, we have analyzed in detail regarding Opersus.com, which shall help people worldwide, including the United States. 

About Opersus.com

Opersus.com is an online e-commerce website that deals with items related to fashion and household. The portal originated in Hong Kong and provides other products such as decorative items, toiletries, bedding, furniture, party wallets, watches, party bags, candle stands, brass frames etc.


  • Type of Website- Opersus.com is an online e-commerce which deals in fashion and household products.
  • Website Address-https://opersus.com/
  • Contact Address- 10306, Tailcoat Way, Columbia MD – 21044, United States
  • Contact Number – 4107402539
  • Email Address- aidenerhenyo5@gmail.com (The email address is not associated with the website. Hope this answers your doubt regarding Is Opersus Legit)
  • Contact Name- Stan Purwin
  • Sort Option- Not Available
  • Filter Option- Available
  • Price of the Product- Given in US dollars. Other currencies are not available.
  • Payment Option- PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express
  • Return Policies-Unwashed, Unworn items can be returned within 30 days.
  • Terms and Conditions- Given and are too descriptive to be legit.
  • Copyright– Owned by Opersus 
  • Social Media Linking – Not available


  • The terms and conditions are descriptive and cover all the legal points.
  • A site map is given for better insight.
  • The privacy policy is explicitly mentioned.


Please find the disadvantages of shopping from this platform that will help you to understand Opersus Reviews.

  • The website has a big chance to be copied from some other portal, which is another scam website.
  • Customer reviews are not given.
  • It is not advisable to trust this scam website.
  • There are no connections with any big platforms like Quora, Reddit.
  • There is no link with Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • The discounts are too huge to trust. 
  • The given prices are also too high to be true.
  • The company address can be a copied one and seems illicit. 
  • The website is recently made, so it’s safe not to trust the site easily.
  • The website is linked to sites from countries known for other fraudulent websites.

Is Opersus Legit?

Please find some pieces of information given regarding the site to help you know about its legitimacy. 

  • Portal Age– The site is too recent to be trustworthy, with a creation date of 8 March 2021.
  • Portal Trust Score– 1%, which falls under the category of “Very Bad Trust Score”.
  • Social media Connections- The site has no mention on big platforms like Instagram, Facebook. So the authentication is doubtful. Although there are icons of these social media platforms for sharing the product, those are non-functional, and only the login pages are opening. This is an essential fact regarding Opersus Reviews. 
  • Copied Content- The contents have a high chance to be copied from other fraud sites.
  • Shipping Policy- Shipping information are very not very clear.
  • Owner Information- Owner information  is stolen contacts and should be kept in mind before any further activities.
  • Missing Specifications- Various information are not given adequately, like payment policies.
  • Customer Reviews – There are no reviews or ratings given on the website regarding the products. 

Based on the above particulars, there is a big chance the website is a scam and unsafe to indulge in. 

Opersus Reviews

As guessed, there is no reference about this portal in any leading reviewing platforms such as Amazon, Quora, Reddit ,Trustpilot, etc. This shows that the website is not trustworthy. Such portals can lead to falling victim to fraudulence. Hence, please know Get Your Money Back From PayPal If You Get Scammed


We would suggest you not indulge in such a new site. Such unreliable portals may also lead to fraudulence, and it would be helpful if you go through Methods To Get Money Back On Credit Card! Check out soap dispensers  to know the working of this item. 

Please share with us your opinions regarding Opersus Reviews below. 

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