Onwardresearch com Reviews (June 2022) Is It Legit?

Onwardresearch com Online Website Reviews

Are you looking for the best chest rigs? This article is for you that move you in the correct direction with shopper’s Onwardresearch com Reviews.

Are you an army person? Do you want to buy gear for your army profession? Hope so you can get the points according to your need to stay connected.

As we know, army people have a proper outlook, so they want to buy a unique collection of outfits online as many of the ecommerce podiums offer a collection related to army persons.

So here we tell you about the website Onwardresearch.com that claims stuff for the army professional, like the gear, accessories, and much more in the United States.

So you can read all the points on the website URL and check the shopper’s Onwardresearch com Reviews.

About Onwardresearch

Onwardresearch is an online shopping platform for the army person as the website sells items like gear, accessories, and many more in any country, including the United States.

Here you can get the items that look too good, and prices are also affordable, so you can try to buy once, but before paying any amount, you must know about the payment options as all are available on the portal, so read sharply.

When we plan to purchase the products online, we must make sure about the legitimacy of the portal: Is Onwardresearch com Legit or not?

Major Significant Points About Onwardresearch com

  • The company has shared the email support for any questioning, i.e., help@onwardresearch.com.
  • The URL of the website is https://www.onwardresearch.com/.
  • The phone number is also visible on the platform, i.e., 844 469 6222.
  • The company has mentioned its location, i.e., 10011 bridge port way SW Ste 1500 #286 Lakewood WA 98499.
  • It is providing the facilities of the subscription also.
  • All the items served by the company look unique.
  • We explored social media, but the website has no pages, so there is no publicity for the company.
  • No user’s mentioned their Onwardresearch com Reviews anywhere, so verifying the portal is typical.
  • You can claim the refund, return, or exchange within 14 business days after receiving the items. That is the website’s refund policy.
  • Here the payment for your order is accepted online through stripe, paypal, master card, VISA, etc.
  • The podium is fully safe as it has security certificates from different protocols.


  • You can connect with them directly, as all the required communication mediums have been mentioned on the URL, so there is no issue in communication.
  • All the items look very professional and classy so take Onwardresearch com Reviews at least once.
  • There is no issue with the safety as it claims 100% safe payments.

Cons of the website

  • It claims very less items.
  • The available company address is not visible on Google Maps, so it looks fake, so that point is misguiding us.
  • We can verify the podium by checking the shopper’s feedback, but no lines are available anywhere, so it is hard.
  • The data on the portal is very less. All the points are not mentioned there.

Is Onwardresearch com Legit or Not?

  • The website is not new in the online era, as it has established on 16/09/2020.
  • The website will be closed on 16/06/2028.
  • The portal secured a 58.8 trust rank out of 100 on the internet, which looks fine.
  • The website holds a trust index, i.e.,
  • There are no reviews shared by past users anywhere.
  • There is no publicity, no activity on social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • The website’s content is very little, which is copied from other websites.
  • No founder details have been shared anywhere.

We can say it looks dubious because of the absence of the feedback and the points mentioned above so that you can purchase at your own risk.

User’s Onwardresearch com Reviews

Onwardresearch com is the website that provides the gear and accessories for the army professional.

For its reality, we went through the internet, but unfortunately, we could not see a single output from the last user’s side, so for us, it is very typical to conclude the reality of the podium. After that, we can wait for the reviews.

Please, if you are planning to buy, just be aware of the links on saving your amount from a credit card.

Final Verdicts

Lastly, we can wind up this post by using some major significant items available for professional army gear, accessories, etc., no customer’s Onwardresearch com Reviews extant, wrong company address, few items available, and so on. First, check how you can secure your amount from a paypal scam.

If you are using any item from Onwardresearch, please try putting your thoughts down in the chat box.

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