One Piece 1036 Chapter {Jan} Find What Happened In It!

One Piece 1036 Chapter is about the popularity of the manga, its previous chapter, and a discussion on some highlights of the latest chapter.

Do you find interest in reading manga online? Have you heard about One Piece? One Piece has gained popularity so much that we have it in the form of other media like anime, video games, and TV series.

Also, it is the longest-running manga Worldwide and has added various chapters on its way. We have also talked about several chapters in our news, but today, we will look at the One Piece 1036 Chapter. So, continue to read and know what is there in chapter 1036.

What is One Piece manga all about?

One Piece, written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, is a manga series first released in Japan. Since July 1997, people have been reading it in Shueisha’s Shonen, a manga magazine in the Jump section. As of January, it has been serialized in 101 volumes.

But after the popularity, it has been converted into various languages and sources of media. And today, we are reading about the latest chapter that was released in January, One Piece 1036 Chapter.

The plot is about a young kid, Straw Hat Luffy, aka Monkey D. Luffy, who was recast into a rubber body after mistakenly consuming a Devil Fruit.

After that, he and his crew of Pirates, the Straw Hat Pirates, haunt the Grand Line in search of the world’s foremost treasury, known as the “One Piece,” to be the next King.

Summary of the previous chapter:

Chapter 1035, we saw Queen launched off of Onigashima by Sanji’s last blow and then went to O-Some to return Chuji before collapsing.

Chapter 1035 was released on December 20, 2021, while One Piece 1036 Chapter was released on January 4, 2022, with the title “Bushido is the Way of Death.”

Meanwhile, in the previous chapter, Zoro realizes that as the flames on King’s back fade, so does his durability. The swordsman’s final attack forces the All-Star to take off his mask.

The two fight violently as King recalls Kaidou saving him from a lab on Punk Hazard, and the two of them find the Beasts Pirates. But, on the other hand, Zoro triumphs over the King, killing him with a Haoshoku Haki-infused onslaught.

A brief description of One Piece 1036 Chapter:

Yamato has Fuga smash inside the armory’s gate, attacking Rokki, and rushes in while Fuga fights Rokki. Izou also arrives on the first floor, where Usopp protects Kin’emon and Kikunojo from Beasts Pirates and takes them to a safer location. Raizo and Fukurokuju have formed “paralysis jutsu” and continue their fight.

Meanwhile, CPO defeated Zanki and Drake while Inbi and Apoo managed to escape. Also, Sanji is treated by someone and still unconscious, and the fight between Kaidou and Luffy continues.


One Piece is one of the bestselling manga and received many awards. Also, it sets Guinness World Record in 2015 for most copies published. The story of One Piece 1036 Chapter is what we have read today. You can read about chapters details of each volume of One Piece here.

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