Omicron Test Kit Scam (Feb) Beware Of Phishing Text Scam

Latest News Omicron Test Kit Scam

The guide shares details about the new Omicron Test Kit Scam targeting many people across the UK.

Scammers are privileging the global pandemic right from the beginning. In the middle of the recent surge of Omicron variants, they are getting many more opportunities to fleece the public in the United Kingdom

National Health Services or NHS is warning the residents about a new text message scam that pretends to be from the NHS and warning people that they have arrived in contact with someone who tested positive for Omicron and have to click a link to order the Home Omicron Test Kit.

Omicron Test Kit Scam targets many people across the country, and people want to know more.  

What is Omicron Home Test Kit Scam?

Omicron Home Test Kit Scam is a new text message or phishing scam targeting many people across the United Kingdom. Scammers are taking advantage of an increasing number of Omicron cases and sending fake text messages to random numbers. 

As per NHS officials, scammers are sending text messages to random numbers and warning the recipients that they have arrived in touch with Omicron positive person and they must test using the home testing kit. 

The text message pretends to be from the NHS. It has suspicious links that recipients have to click and order their home testing kit.

How is Omicron Test Kit Scam Conducted?

Scammers are getting smarter and conducting scams in different ways. Now scammers are using the name of National Health Services and sending fake text messages to random people across the UK. 

The text messages pretend to be from NHS, and it warns the recipients that they have come in contact with Omicron positive person and they might have got infected. So, to clear things out, they need to click on a suspicious link from where they can order the home testing kit. 

As a part of the Omicron Test Kit Scam, scammers urge people to share their bank details and personal info and pay with a shipping charge. As they click the link, they are redirected to third party website that is not associated with NHS. They steal the personal and bank details to do a scam later.

How to Spot and Report the Fraud?

You are suggested not to click the links of unsolicited emails or text messages. If you receive scam text messages pretending to be from NHA, report them immediately to the NHS. Here is a helpful guide on spotting and reporting the Omicron Test Kit Scam

  • Forward the phishing email or text message to National Cuber Security Centre at
  • Read for the spelling and grammatical error
  • Check the link and verify its authenticity.  
  • Text “SCAM” at 7726

If you fall prey to such scams, report them immediately at Action Fraud to prevent others from victim to the scammers.  


Omicron Variant is at its high, and scammers are taking advantage of it to scam and steal people’s personal and bank details. But, you must not fall prey to such Omicron Test Kit Scam.

You must stay alert and report the scam to authorities immediately. Besides, ensure to learn How to Protect Yourself from a Scam.

Do you have any experience of receiving scam text messages? Please, write down in the comment box that how you reported the scam.

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