Omaze Com Vansmith {May} Explore Current Charity Ideas!

Read exclusive and consolidated facts unavailable elsewhere about Omaze com Vansmith. Also, learn why and Vansmith services are trending. is a non-profit organization aiming to collect donations by offering prizes. It is a win-win situation for charity organizations and donors. Did you ever dream about a camper van that features a kitchen-sink, kitchen-top, gas stove, storage for clothes, shoes and kitchen items, mini-fridge, fan, bed, interior lighting, charging ports, multipurpose table, etc.?

You have a chance to win a camper van in the United States by participating in a noble cause of charity at Omaze com Vansmith.

Offers at

Currently, the call for donations on is promoting a Mercedes® 2022 Sprinter Van as an exclusive prize. The van can be customized as per the requirement of the winner. The customized conversion is done by Vansmith and covers the $80K cost, a part of the exclusive prize. is popular for van conversion. 

About Vansmith:

Vansmith services facilitate freedom for people seeking comfortable and exciting on-road adventures in a camper van. The Mercedes Sprinter Van includes rooftop solar panels for off-grid living. The Mercedes Sprinter Van is a powerful vehicle that can support above mentioned utilities for two people.

Omaze com Vansmith offers various interior designs for Mercedes Sprinter Van, including:

  • THE BIVY conversion design starts at $33K,
  • THE RACK & Roll conversion design starts at $63K,
  • THE OUTPOST conversion design starts at $80K and
  • Customized conversion design with price depending upon user specifications.

How started? founders Matt and Rayn had a bad experience of participating in an auction that aimed at donating the money derived in the auction to charity. The auction announced prizes that included court-side seats at a Laker game and dinner with Magic Johnson. But, as the auction amount increased, Matt and Rayn were outbid.

Innovative charity ideas at Omaze com Vansmith:

Such an outdated method of collecting money for charity still exists. But, people who participate in such auctions are already wealthy and can effort luxuries. But what about people who want to contribute by bidding little money they have. In auctions that aim at collecting money for charity and offer exclusive prizes for the highest bidders. Henceforth, people bidding low amounts will eventually get outbid and eliminated to win prizes.

How does it work?

Matt and Rayn’s disappointment encouraged the launch of, an innovative organization for planning win-win situations for donors and charity organizations. Omaze com Vansmith lets the user donate as low as $20, $25, $50, $100 and $150 towards charity. Irrespective of the amount donated, every donor qualifies to win prizes.


The current call for donations ends on 28th May 2022. The winner of the Mercedes Sprinter Van will be announced approximately by 15th June 2022. The donation at offers a great deal as the users primarily aim at donating amounts to charity. In the process, the donors also qualify for winning prizes!

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