Okehub Com (March 2022) All About The Blogging Site!

Do you know what content Okehub com serves to their audience? If you are excited to peel its truth, quickly read this article.

Have you ever surveyed a website that provides travel tips and tricks? Then, today, you will learn about it with our writing.

Before traveling on a particular spot, we first check its users’ reviews, facilities, etc. As a result, we make sure about the surroundings and worthiness of that area. So, in this article, we will survey a tour-guide site, questioned mainly by the United States people. 

Therefore, if you want to find the in-depth findings of Okehub com, then we suggest you keenly observe our composition throughout. 

Describing The Site

According to the analysis, this portal is a tourist guide that helps the netizens to choose the best places and spots, including:

  • Bandung
  • Europe
  • Kota Lainnya
  • Magetan 
  • Jakarta
  • Yogyakarta

The site aims to inform the users about the top attractions within these places. In addition, they serve route guides and ticket costs for a particular spot. So, let us jump into the following passage to see more facts.

What Does Okehub com Serves To The Audience?

Upon investigating the site deeply, we understood that it also provides traveling tips for children. Also, we have realized that this website defines and elaborates appealing Indonesian places. 

So, if you are native to these places, you might go through this website only after checking its legitimacy below. However, our investigation has also found that most of the website’s tabs are not operating correctly. 

Who is Its Author?

Based on the website, the portal’s writer is Aepan Wage. However, not much information about the author is mentioned over Okehub com. So, let us learn its originality in the next section. 

Authenticity Detector Points 

This paragraph is very crucial for you to observe since it will help you to estimate whether to believe on this site or not. So, let us carry on with our investigation and peel more. 

  • Trust Score– 8% value is detected for this portal. 
  • Website Registration Date– The site was established on 20-09-2021, stating that it is 6 months and 3 days old. 
  • Users Comment– While finding reviews, we haven’t gained any public comments. Also, the Trustpilot reviews are missing for Okehub com
  • Alexa Rank– No Alexa rank is found for the site. 
  • Portal Validity– 20-09-2022 is the cessation date of this website. 
  • Trust Rank– The site attained only 47.5/100 trust rank value. 

What Are Consumers’ Opinions?

As quoted previously, we have rescued any comments or opinions from online customers. But our research found an analysis site possessing 2.50 stars out of 5 stars for this portal. Thus, you can check out the portal personally and inform us of your experience in the comment section.

The Final Talk 

This write-up circled Okehub com to disclose its natural face to the netizens. Moreover, we found that the site provides tour tricks to many places in Indonesia. But we haven’t retrieved any public feedback to the site, so we prefer you to research more for this online site. 

Do you trust this blogs portal? Kindly write your opinion below.

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