Oil Filter Options for My Lexus RX350

Your Lexus RX350 delivers the luxurious comforts of its brand with the durability and reliability that makes Toyota vehicles legendary. As a wise vehicle owner, you strive to take the best possible care of your SUV. Regular oil changes are vital to maintaining your engine’s performance and lifespan. Before your next oil change, take a look at some high-quality oil filter choices for the RX350.

STP Extended Life Oil Filter S9972XL

One excellent Lexus RX350 oil filter is the STP S9972XL Extended Life model. The S9972XL incorporates a pressed steel baseplate and a long-lasting spin-on steel canister or cartridge body to match OE fitment. You can combine this filter with both synthetic and synthetic-conventional blend motor oils, allowing you to reap many helpful benefits

  • Removes over 99% of contaminants
  • Screens out particles of 20 microns and larger
  • Durable silicone gaskets withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit

The S9972XL lasts up to 10,000 miles when used with synthetic motor oils. Its performance-focused design exceeds original equipment specs.

Mobil 1 Oil Filter M1C-251A

Several Mobil 1 oil filters are compatible with your Lexus RX350. The M1C-251A is an extended-performance oil filter that lasts up to 20,000 miles removing particulates to keep your oil cleaner longer. This filter incorporates durable, high-quality components: a premium-grade leak-stopping O-ring plus a long-lasting synthetic blend media. The M1C-251A offers many advantages for your Lexus:

  • 99% contaminant filtration rate
  • 2X longer protection than recommended oil change intervals
  • Delivers solid performance for up to one year

Other Mobil oil filter options for Lexus vehicles include the M1C-256A. Compatible with several Lexus truck models, the M1C-256A is also an extended-performance filter with the same benefits as the M1C-251A.

K&N and ACDelco Filters

Many auto enthusiasts know K&N for its high-flow air filters. Its oil filters are equally impressive, including the HP-7020. This model incorporates a pleated internal filtration design to screen out particulates while encouraging ample oil flow. Fans of the K&N HP-7020 love this filter for its solid performance, compatibility with synthetic oils and conforming to strict engineering and manufacturing standards.

The ACDelco PF229 is another favorite among Lexus RX350 owners. This ACDelco Gold model is a premium-quality aftermarket replacement with a cartridge construction to match your truck’s OEM fitment. An internal pleated cellulose filtration component removes abrasive particles and other contaminants while encouraging lower restriction and higher flow rates. The PF229 includes many helpful features:

  • Thermoplastic end discs with 100% recycled content
  • Exhibits 98% multi-pass filtering efficiency screening particles of 25-30 microns and larger
  • Thermosetting adhesive seals to hold filtering media in position

The ACDelco PF229 filter screens out particles as small as 1/3 the size of a human hair, ensuring a cleaner oil supply between changes.

Buying Your Oil Filters

Finding the best filter for your Lexus truck is easier than you may think. The key is considering your driving habits, maintenance needs and the type of oil you use. You can find the K&N HP-7020, the STP S9972XL, the Mobil 1 M1C-251A and other RX350 oil filters at AutoZone locations near you.

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