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This post, Of the Consecration Esthme, will brief readers about all the stream clues’ answers and discuss game-related explanations.

Do you have played a humorous riddle on stream? How many riddles are there to solve to finish these games?. The good news is that stream 3000 summer sales riddles and many more thrilling games are available for the people of the United States, Brazil, and everybody in this world. Do you know all clues’ answers? Do you have any idea  Of the Consecration Esthme? If not, then kindly continue reading.

 Stream 3000 Summer Sale

  • Stream 3000 summer sale is a platform where people and gamers can play exciting games. This time it includes a funny and exciting riddle game.
  • There is a fictional and imaginary character name clorthax, who will give you 10 clues; each clue is connected with a faked game he cultivates on the stream’s store. You have to find that game in the store to answer that clue.

Here are the answers to all clues and game explanations.

All Clues’ Answer and about The Consecration of Esthme Steam  

Clue No. 1 Answer is Guitar Billionaire.

Game Explanation: This game is about selling a guitar available to play in easy and impossible mode.  

Clue No. 2 Answer is  Custard Castle Small Claims Courts.

Game Explanation: this game is about the wisest queen, petal, who resolved district disputes.

Clue no. 3 Answer is  Bass Ain’t Bitin’2022.

Game Explanation: This game is about buying and selling angling equipment; who forgot the bats baseball 2022.

Clue no. 4 Answer is  Dead Seagull Zoo Magnate.

Game explanation: this game is about collecting dead seagulls and building a beautiful zoo.

The Consecration of Esthme Steam is the answer to which clue no. ? continue reading to know more.

Clue no 5 Answer is  Actually…: Frankenstein’s Monster Edition. 

Game explanation: this game is about Halloween and monster classics

Clue no. 6 Answer is  It’s Probably Fine. 

Game Explanation: this game is about a girl who has not paid 37 parking tickets, and she hits a deer while driving.

Clue no 7 answers is  Help Get The King To The Toilet.

Game Explanation: this game is about a wise king whom a witch curses to forget his daughter three and where the bathroom is. Clue no 8 Answer is  Of the Consecration Esthme.

Game Explanation: this game is about the father. He doesn’t want his child to learn to program, create a game, and become an influencer, but making a five-star game of the year is the only target of that kid.

Clue no 9 Answer is Pro Poker Amateur.

Game Explanation: this game is a simple and exciting card game.

Clue no 10 Answer is Hold In Your Farts.

Game Explanation: this game is about Solomon searching for a companion.


We have informed our readers about the clues’ answers and informed them Of the Consecration Esthme, which is the answer to clue 8. To know more, visit this link 

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