Oculus Online Store Review (Nov) Is This Scam Website?

Oculus Online Store Website Reviews

Would you mind learning about the site’s authenticity by considering the Oculus Online Store Review? Then, please read this post carefully.

Do you want to buy wonderful gadgets for your loved ones at a lower cost? Then let us assist you in determining the website’s legitimacy. 

In the United States, most gamers hunt for headsets that might help them play games effectively. So, several websites have initiated selling accessories and gadgets to serve those gamers along with other buyers. Thus, we will also let you know about portal trading such gadgets to increase their brand’s productivity in this post. 

Therefore, please help us to scrutinize the website through Oculus Online Store Review

About This Online Site

It is an E-commerce portal that sells products beneficial to gamers ensuring the best service. Moreover, they include the latest tools and technologies to drive the supreme products with a pocket-friendly budget. 

In addition, they have included liquidity amongst the customers to drive more attention. Also, they stated that their company had received many rewards for their unique culture. 

Now, let us mention some of their products including –

  • Oculus Go
  • Refurbished Oculus Quest 
  • Oculus Quest 2 
  • Quest controller 
  • Quest lens

Characteristic Features of The Store

  • The Is Oculus Online Store Legit post has stated that the store’s official URL is https://www.oculusonline.store.
  • On the website, the contact number is not mentioned.
  • They accept payment from all cards, including MasterCard and debit card, and PayPal.
  • This online store trades gadgets and accessories of Oculus, including charging case, headset’s cable, etc. 
  • No Email address is seen over the site.
  • They have a return policy of 7 days which means if you want to return a product, you have to notify them within 7 days to be eligible. 
  • According to the ‘Oculus Online Store Review post, the social media icons of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram are noticed. 
  • For this site, the refund policy lasts only for 7 days of delivery. 
  • Information related to the address is not provided on the website, which imparts suspicion. 
  • They offer the exchange of items, but a tentative period regarding the same is not stated. 
  • The Newsletter facility is present, through which you can get recent news of the site. 
  • Shipping of purchased items may consume up to 7 business days. After shipping, the company will send you a tracking number. 
  • Considering the Oculus Online Store Review, the domain was registered on 13-11-2021. Moreover, its expiration date is 13-11-2022.
  • Standard delivery takes about 15 to 20 working days. 

Listing The Usefulness of This Online Site

  • The site has a free shipping facility.
  • The newsletter option is available.
  • Over the site, the icons of social media platforms are seen. 

What Are The Downsides of The Portal?

  •  A low trust rank of 23.6/100 is seen.
  • The site has failed to gain reviews on Trustpilot.
  • The email and office address are absent. Also, no contact number is detected on the site. 

Is Oculus Online Store Legit?

  • Plagiarized content- The portal’s content is plagiarized.
  • Domain age– The site is only two days old. 
  • Policies included– All policies, including the return, are noticed.
  • Social media presence- The social media icons are not working.
  • Trust rank– The website has a low trust rank of 23.6/100. 
  • Customer feedback- There are no reviews on customers over Trustpilot. 
  • Founder’s detail– No information is gathered related to the owner’s name. 
  • Unrealistic discounts– Huge discounts on products are seen. 
  • Address originality- No address details are detected.
  • Alexa Rank- Oculus website has no Alexa rank. 

Buyer’s Oculus Online Store Review

Upon reviewing and researching, we have not gained any customer feedback for this website on any online site, including Trustpilot. Moreover, it can be seen that, due to the low trust rank, most marketers might not consider this site for purchasing. Also, since it is a fresh website, many buyers do not believe in the site.

Visit here if you have noticed somebody by credit card scams

The Final Words 

This post revealed every detail of a website by employing Oculus Online Store Review. Moreover, the store is selling Oculus Quest 2 and many items.

Also, the site offers huge discounts on several products. But, since it is a new website, most people might not find it suitable for buying stuff. Moreover, it is too soon to conclude the site’s authenticity, so kindly wait for some authentic reviews to arise. Learn more by visiting here if you have seen someone trapped by PayPal scams

Do you like this site? Please tell us your thoughts below.

6 thoughts on “Oculus Online Store Review (Nov) Is This Scam Website?

  1. I have been sucked into this scam I am embarrassed to say. I can’t track my product which I bought for 75.99 on 11/13/21 even though I put in the order number on the tracking page and my bank(green dot online bank) said they can’t refund my money because I voluntarily gave over my credit information. Also I noticed that the place has an entirely different name when you have made the purchase on your purchase confirmation. I guess I am out the money and I also don’t see this name (occulus online) popping up anymore when I shop occulus VR headsets. I have also reached out to contact the merchant as my bank suggested but have gotten no response back. The other name that came up sounded japanesey or Korean.

    1. Hello Embarrassed in NJ, It feels very bad to hear about such incidents. Unable to trace the product and track it, indicates they are fake. Hope you get some updates from the payment company. Buyers be careful with new portals. They offer some discounts, earn money and disappear. Stay away and take care. Thanks.

  2. So after purchasing online with PayPal the Oculus Quest 2, I was sent a confirmation email with an email link for customer service that never worked. The website disappeared within a day or so after money was collected, however I do have an email address of the person supposedly responsible for the website. I received no tracking information or product 8 days in so far. when PayPal investigated my claim, the person immediately sent a tracking code through the United States Post office. supposedly it was delivered to a mailbox in my ZIP code but there was no address provided in the tracking information. of course I didn’t get that product I’m guessing a fake code. So I’m in the process of trying to get a refund. Because I’m not trusting the fact that the website disappeared. however PayPal was able to get in touch with somebody and there is an email that was provided when I made payment. We shall see how this turns out.

    1. Hello Sandy, Hope you get a response from them at earliest. No mode of communication shows they are for sure scammers. If such is the situation you only try to get a refund from PayPal. Let us know. Thanks and regards. Take care.

  3. This is a scam site. They provided PayPal with an incorrect tracking number and told them the item was delivered. The tracking number was to another address and another name. This site is a scam

    1. Hello Anita Ross, Nowadays, the scammers are using such tricks to grab money from the buyers. They offer attractive prices and make them purchase. It is suggested to purchase and transact with known portals. Thanks for the update, it will educate the buyers. Take care.

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