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What do you understand when you say “objection”? The lawsuit involving actor Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard is in its fourth week, with the Aquaman star testifying as a defendant. 

The phrase Objection-Non-Responsive is unfamiliar to many individuals in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. So, in this article, we will explain Objection Non Responsive Meaning in simple terms. Keep reading the entire article to learn more about it.

What is Non-Responsive Objection

Non-responsive objection does not address the evidence or argument presented. In other words, it doesn’t answer any of the questions raised by the evidence or argument.

This can be a huge mistake as it is likely that the judge will take this as a sign of weakness and not give your argument enough weight. Witnesses should always address each point made by the other side. The ideal way to do this is to acknowledge their point but then explain why it doesn’t matter or apply in this instance.

Example of Objection Non Responsive

A non-responsive objection is when someone objects to a proposal or idea, but the objection doesn’t address the proposal or idea.

For instance, you may present the new company dress code policy, and someone asks, “How will this affect my ability to wear flip flops?” They’re saying they don’t like flip-flops, but their objection doesn’t address your proposal! They may not have been paying attention or not understand what’s going on. Keep reading to know about Objection Form Compound.

You can respond by restating your proposal in different words to clarify that it addresses their concerns. For example: “The new dress code policy says that we can wear flip flops only if they’re black.”

About Hearsay

A hearsay is a statement made by someone who did not personally experience the event. It is usually considered inadmissible as evidence in court because it is impossible to know if the person making the statement is telling the truth or just repeating what they heard from someone else.

In modern times, hearsay evidence is still considered less reliable than other forms of evidence because it’s impossible to know whether the person who said it was telling the truth.

Objection Non Responsive Meaning

Objections are raised by either the witness or the attorney when they feel that the other side is asking irrelevant or prejudicial questions. 

If a party objects, they have the burden of proving that their question was relevant to the case and not prejudicial. The judge will decide whether or not to allow the question based on this argument.


Non-responsive objection has to do with the evidence and is raised while the witness is testifying. This objection may be made even if the evidence is not introduced until later in the case. You should endeavor to be polite in your disagreements, even if you are controversial.

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