Obituary Kerrivan {April} Read Shocking Details Here!

Shocked at the death of Brad kerrivan? Follow this detailed article below to learn about Obituary Kerrivan.

Have you heard about the tragic death of a vice president of a soccer club recently? Do you know the reason for his death? If your answer is NO, go ahead to get the latest information about the death of Brad Kerrivan.

Today, the people in Canada are mourning the tragic death of Brad Kerrivan. People want to know about his obituary, so the Obituary Kerrivan is trending on the internet. If you also want to get the information about his obituary, read the article completely.

News About Brad Kerrivan

The death of Brad Kerrivan has been circulating on social media since 3rd April 2022. This is why people ask about the obituary service, date of the funeral, and date of burial on social media. His death was confirmed by the Paradise Soccer Club on its Facebook page.

People also want to know about the cause of his death and want to send condolences to his family.

Let us follow in detail who Brad Kerrivan was and other information before looking for information about Obituary Kerrivan.

About Brad Kerrivan

Brad Kerrivan, 42, was the volunteer, Vice-president, and coach of the Paradise Soccer Club. He was from St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. He was a very good father, son, and partner.

Cause of Death

Though the cause of his death was not made public, as per some websites, he died of a head-on collision between two vehicles on the road. The collision occurred at 12:45 a.m. in the westbound lane between Southlands Boulevard and Ruth Avenue. First, the firefighters arrived at the site to control the fire. Then, arrived the health paramedics team. 

Obituary Kerrivan

The details of the obituary by the family will be made available later. First, however, his club has expressed deep condolences toward Brad’s Family and asked everyone to keep Brad and his family in thought and prayers.

Everyone expressed shock at Brad’s death and offered their condolences to the family members of Brad.

Police Action over the Accident

As per the police, one man was dead, and another man was seriously injured in the accident. The police have asked for the video footage and witnesses of the scene to investigate further into the matter. In addition, the westbound lanes of the highway have been closed to facilitate the investigation.

Social Media reaction Over Obituary Kerrivan

Several family and friends expressed their condolences, as shown above. One of his friends shared Brad’s picture in his memory of Brad. A picture of Brad enjoying singing with his father also appeared on Twitter. There was other condolences message also.


The details of his obituary of Brad are not available currently, but the family will share the details about this. However, the family members, friends, and the Paradise Soccer Club have already sent their condolences through social media. Besides information, you can help police in criminal investigations by providing the required information.

To know further about Brad Kerrivan’s death

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