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This article is based on information revolving around Obide Wordle so that your confusion settles down.

Are you up to date with the famous puzzle game known as Wordle? Did Wordle number 306 trick you? Yes? Don’t feel shy as many players are in the same queue from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and India like you. 

It was April 21st and people were bewildered by the answer. They might have got some hints and majorly reckoned obide as an answer. Was obide an answer? Is there anything like Obide Wordle? Let’s check the details below-

Is There Anything Like Obide?

Unfortunately, the answer to this query of yours is no. There is no word like obide, and this word has 0 meanings. But, this can be used as a proper term to scrabble other short words.

Rather than obide, the Internet shows “abide,” which means ratifying or ruling by a statute, judgment, or suggestion. Then what are the clues, and what is an exact answer for 21st April’s Wordle? We need to check the details of this mystery below-

Hints Related to Obide Game

  • The phrase has 3 vowels in it.
  • The word has a relation to chemistry.
  • The vowels exist in the initial, medial and final symbol places.
  • There are some examples also like Fe2O3 and Al2O3.
  • It starts with the letter O and ends with the letter E.
  • It is a binary solvent of oxygen with another component or group.
  • It is a chemical mixture.

So, these were some clues or hints to help you out further. If you are from a chemistry background, you must have guessed the answer already. Let’s discuss more facts in the next section-

Obide Wordle Number 306 Answer-

This section will reveal the answer on the 21st of April’s Wordle. So, an answer to Wordle 306 is Oxide. It’s a term related to chemistry and finely fulfills all the clues section pointers.

An oxide is a chemical solvent that includes at least one oxygen particle and one additional component in its chemical mixture. Most of the Earth’s coating comprises strong oxides, resulting in oxidizing components by the oxygen in the atmosphere or liquid.

Even substances deemed real aspects often formulate an oxide membrane. So, the answer to Is Obide a Word is straight away No.

Why is this Trending?

The trend and controversy behind the word and guess of obide are pretty clear. The players must have got confused after looking at the clues. The 5th clue is quite confusing and somehow justifies the obide answer.

It starts with o and ends with e. There are chances that performers who are not from a chemistry background reckoned this particular word as an answer. And, there are also high chances of people’s hasty behaviour to guess this unusual word as an answer.


Based on internet research, the Obide Wordle query has been resolved. Obide wasn’t the exact answer, but players guessed it for unknown reasons. The answer is Oxide, whose details are explained in this article. We hope we resolved your dilemma and helped you out fairly.

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