Nutcracker Gpo {Jan 2022} Details: Bonus Plant Cellar

This article explore about how to bug or grind the miniboss Nutcracker Gpo. This article will help you to learn new tricks as well.

Are you an enthusiast of Roblox? If so, then a new renovation must have exhilarated you. Are we right? This update was broadcast for Roblox GPO, making the United States gamers extremely excited. This update is the Christmas emancipation for 2021, and one can lead to the new winter dreamland and Cave holms that are now in the event. 

Some recent leaders to combat, like Nutcracker Gpo, and you can also get some subject winter commodities. Explore all the facts in the data below-

Who is Kelvin, The Nutcracker? 

The Nutcracker, is a warden for the Christmas episode 2021 and is generated at the bonus plant cellar in Winter Wonderland. He has 120,000 HP and gives out 60 M1 destructions. The 12 Gingerbread army encircles him. They have 500 HP and hand out 23 M1 ravages.

He also has an opportunity to lower his festival defence. The likelihood of this is presently unspecified. However, it is most likely a one to 5% probability of falling Nutcracker Gpo. The biggest technique to combat this boss is stated below on the lanterns on the roof and utilizing fruits.

Why is this Trending? 

As we all know, the last week of December is full of explorations, enthusiasm and astonishment. So, this new Roblox Gpo update is like a cherry on the top. Everyone is so delighted about new islands, bosses, minibosses, event items, etc. 

But, grinding this miniboss guarded by gingerbread men is incredibly tough. That’s why people are thrilled about him and making this topic trending. 

How to Bug The Nutcracker Gpo

We realize and discern your anxiety about grinding the Nutcracker, but fortunately and cheerfully, we have some ways to do this. You need to follow the steps which are listed below-

  • First of all, you need to go down. 
  • Then, you expect an Elo hammer which must be in your equipment to go further for the trick. 
  • After that, a lamp will appear, and you have to stand on that lamp to agro the Nutcracker. 
  • Afterwards, destroy the gingerbreads with some strikes. 
  • Furthermore, you will see a unique intersection. Go to that nook to chop Nutcracker Gpo and use the Elo Hammers R proficiency. 
  • Hence, go back to the lamp and spam your capacities. 
  • Voila! You’re done with this miniboss. This technique is known as the Elo Hammer technique that can be used to farm Nutcracker fast. 

We hope you understood these steps and this particular trick to cope with this boss in the game. We further hope and wish you successfully to try and conquer this. 

Apart from this, we would love to know Your Most Favourite Freebies for Your Avatar. 


As a final verdict, the miniboss that is Nutcracker Gpo has many powers, and it seems impossible to grind him at first. But we have compiled some ways to help you out with this issue. We hope and wish this article to be beneficial for you. 

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