Nuclear Star Aut {March 2022} Know Game Zone Updates!

This article mentions a trending popular online gaming stand, which is named based on a famous and viral Dubstep song. Read more about Nuclear Star Aut.

Are you interested in playing games on the popular gaming platform Roblox? Do you like to use special features to gain an advantage over other gamers on the platform? If yes, you must have heard about this famous song-based stand present on this platform, which recently has a massive fan base.

Gamers from different countries like the United Kingdom and the United States repeatedly use this trending stand, and many new audiences are also excited about it. Continue reading this article entirely to understand more about Nuclear Star Aut.

What is Nuclear Star?

Nuclear Star is a stand based on a Dubstep song by Camellia. Stands are the particular type of manifestations the gamer can use to fight their enemies. It is also a non-canon close-ranged stand, which doesn’t have any association with JoJo Universe.

Unlike its Crystallized counterpart, it has control and is very fast. The skillset of both is similar. However, Nuclear Star and Crystallized have different special moves. It is also not a Humanoid Stand. The default stand name is Nuclear Star, and the stand user is Alu Dev, a co-owner of AUT.

Nuclear Star Aut

  • This unique Nuclear Star can be obtained by the combination of Made in Heaven and Star Gem.
  • Made in Heaven can be made using the combination of DIO’s Diary and C-Moon.
  • Another update on the Nuclear Star is done by adding it with Zenith Arrow, which results in the creation of Zenith.
  • One of the essential abilities of this stand is that it can rewind time 4 seconds backward.
  • It has almost the similar moveset as Crystallized.
  • There are no passives for Nuclear Star.
  • Nuclear Star is also known by NS.


  • This Nuclear Star Aut stand is excellent for gamers in the situation of damage out-die.
  • Nuclear Star provides high mobile ability to its fellow gamers in the platform.
  • The nuclear Star is also a B Tier in the PVP.
  • This stand also bypass All attack on King Crimson Requiem or King Crimson, which is the Alternate Universe’s Epitaph.


  • The highest disadvantage of Nuclear Star is that all the attacks are predictable, which gives the opponent time to initiate other attacking tactics. This issue can result in giving the user not much better results compared to the regular version.
  • This Nuclear Star Aut stand has a low chance of spanning, i.e., it only has a chance of 1/8th.
  • It is not very easy to obtain this stand compared to other stands available on the platform.
  • The percentage of chance spanning is only 13%.


Different manifestations can help a gamer dominate others as it provides them with an upper hand. So, it is better to make use of such features to enhance the gaming experience. To know more on Nuclear Star, please visit .

Do you have any experience related to using these types of stands? If yes, please do share your experience with us related to Nuclear Star Aut.

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