Nsfodsettlement Com (Nov 2021) Why Did I Receive Notice?

The post talks about the Nsfodsettlement com website related to Morris and the Bank of America Lawsuit.

Are you looking for relevant information surrounding the N.A. settlement between Lisa Morris and Bank of America? Well, while there are plenty of websites available on the internet, it is imperative to check if the information listed is proper or not for a particular niche.

Lately, there has been a certain website providing complete information on the case from the United States. In this article, we will be providing detailed insight and information about Nsfodsettlement com.

Herein, you will get complete details about the website and answer other necessary questions about the settlement and Lawsuit. Read to know more.

What is the Morris v/s Bank of America Lawsuit?

The Lawsuit is related to the Morris and Bank of America case in the United States. The Lawsuit was settled between Lisa Morris et al. v. Bank of America. Herein, the persons sued are called Plaintiffs or the Class Representatives. As per sources, the transactions occurred between 01 July 2014 to 29 July 2021.

About The Settlement

In the Nsfodsettlement com, the website enlists many questions in the customers’ minds about the settlement and lawsuit. We have covered a few important questions to clear the queries of our readers.

All account holders of a BANA consumer and/ or savings account paid but not refunded retry transaction fee will be included in the first settlement class.

The second class of settlement will include BANA consumers and savings account who paid but did not receive a refund for one or more of O.D. fees or NSF on an ACH payment from a checking account to any other BANA account.

What Exactly Does Nsfodsettlement com Include?

Apart from the above two points, the website also lists the third settlement, which is as follows:

The third settlement includes holders of Bana consumer checking who paid, did not receive a refund on their O.D. fee or NSF on consumer checking, which is not assessed if the BANA delayed its posting of NSF/ OD fees.

Reason For Receiving The Notice

You received the notice because the BANA’s records highlight that you are included in among the Settlement Classes who are charged with more fees at issue. Based on the information listed in the Nsfodsettlement com, the court has directed the class notice to be shared with all the class members. Each has the right to know information related to the proposed settlement and available options.

Final Conclusion

It is necessary for all those who have received the notice because they are listed among one or more of the settlement classes. Besides, as per court direction, all the settlement class members must know about the settlement proposed in addition to the available options. 

It would thereby help the members know about the options before the court decides on the settlement approval. Visit Nsfodsettlement com or the official website for more details.  

What is your opinion about the Lawsuit? Do share your views in the comments box below about what is your views and thoughts?

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  1. I was charged OD fees and retry fees for the same transactions at times. BOA allowed merchants to resend the same transactions. This resulted not only in overdraft and retry fees at the bank but I also had to pay repeated retry fees to the merchant.


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