Nothaza Reviews {May} Is This Website Legit Or Not?

Are you looking for low prices products online? Hopefully, you will get the information for the same, including Nothaza Reviews.

Do you love to buy different items from the same place? As we know, day by day we are moving into a comfortable zone using new technologies, same with online shopping, we can save our precious time without going to rush market. 

In many countries, including the United Statesmany websites offer many items at the same portal. Same here, we have a website that claims various items like clothing, furniture, decoration, and much more at the same place at very affordable prices. If you are looking for the same, you must read the user’s Nothaza Reviews.

What is Nothaza?

Nothaza is an ecommerce podium for the United States person who loves to buy products online. It holds an article on clothing, decor, furniture, and so on for its customers.

At present, there is no sale running on the website, but as we noticed, the prices of all the items are very minimum, i.e., only $84.15. items look attractive according to range so that you can try them.

But before going through online shopping, we must be aware of some major points that can tell us: Is Nothaza Legit or Scam?

Features About Nothaza 

  • The contact number is available on the website URL, i.e., 1321-343-3154.
  • The email support has been present on the main page, i.e.,
  • The company address is also present on the webpage, i.e., 190 Marietta St NW Atlanta, GA, 30303, US.
  • The URL of the company website is
  • It claims items like clothes, furniture, décor, cosmetics, etc.
  • There is no discount extant currently, but the prices are very low.
  • Facebook, instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., no link has been shared on the website, and we checked direct, but nothing is present over there. It means it has no traffic on social networking websites.
  • As we checked, no website has shopper’s Nothaza Reviewsnot even on the trust pilot.
  • You can pay the same amount for any item, i.e., $84.15, and you can use online ways to pay by Discover, PayPal, VISA, Master card, etc.
  • It accepts the return and refund within 30 days after dropping the products at your door.

Positive Factors

  • Contact number, company address, and email address are all available on the website, so you can visit the company and make a direct call for any inquiry.
  • You can pay online with different payment options.
  • The website is fully safe.

Negative Factors

  • The website is too new in the online market, so no user’s Nothaza Reviews have been found on the website or trust pilot.
  • No activity is visible on social networking websites as no pages are available on Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • It has shared the fake company address; when we try to find it on Google Maps, it does not exist there.
  • It is selling products at very unrealistic prices so be careful about it.

So be careful and check all the significant points before shopping. Also, check about the portal reality and credibility before making any decision.

Is Nothaza Legit or Scam?

  • It is a new domain in the online market created on 05/04/2022.
  • It will be closed soon, on 05/04/2023.
  • It has a trust rank, i.e., 38.4.
  • It has a trust index, i.e., only 2% very horrible.
  • There is no point extant regarding the founder of the company.
  • No content is unique on the website as it is copied from another website.
  • No social media page is extant, so there is no traffic anywhere.
  • There is no feedback found on the website from the experienced user.

The website looks suspicious as we considered the details mentioned above. Also, no presence of the output, so you have to wait for it before paying any amount.

User’s Nothaza Reviews

Nothaza is offering items like furniture, clothes, décor, and many more on the online podium for a very less amount. But for the safe side, we must read the users’ experience, but unluckily we could not find a single review on the website and not on trustworthy portals. So first, you go through the links on how to save your money from paypal scams.

Final Verdicts

Finally, the website is new, so no user’s Nothaza Reviews present, and selling products like clothes, décor furniture, etc., horrible trust score, unrealistic prices, misguiding company address, and so on. Thus, it is questionable. Please go through the path that can hold your money from credit card fraud.

Do you have any experience purchasing from this portal? Please try to share your views in the below section.

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