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Are you the one who is trying to know whether you are suitable for the claim of Noom settlement? Then here is the excellent article that gives you the information about your need. Noom class is a healthy weight company which runs in the United States. But there is a default in the subscription returns, which is paid even through an app or website link.

The settlement went beyond hands as sued in the court for a claim. After thorough research, we found some news about Noom Class Settlement.

What are Noom class and its settlement?

Noom Class Healthy Weight is a foundational course offered at low cost, which provides you with details of nutritional facts about foods, practices healthy habits, and learns new lessons every day through video interaction. 

Even though it is the top weight loss app in the country still lost the legit in completing its task. The customer sued the company for misleading them by initiating low-cost trials, which led to the cost and complications of cancelling the subscription. Let us go into the details of Noom class action Settlement.

The settlement is made to anyone who auto-renewed the Noom Healthy Weight subscription through a mobile app or using the company’s website between May 12, 2016, and October 6, 2020, in the United States without receiving a full refund and subscription repayments.

The settlement is based on subclasses to which they belong. There are two subclasses. For Subclass A members, the potential award payment is approximately $167, and for Subclass B members, the payment is $30. The deadline for this claim is June 24 2022.

Who is eligible for Noom Class Settlement?

Noom has agreed $56 million settlement for the class action customers regarding its auto-renewal as well as cancellation policy. The conditions for who is included in Subclass A members along with proof:

  • The ones who have never completed their enrolment but are charged.
  •  Enrolled but never used the Noom post trails.
  •  Used during the trial period but not after being charged for a subscription.
  • Used Noom two times or fewer after the trial.
  • Proving they stopped using Noom after a 58-day subscription and partially received payment from the company.
  • Belong to California when subscribed.

Moving into further details about Subclass B members of Noom Class Settlement. All the members who do not fall under the above description belong to Subclass B members. The members will be eligible to choose the Noom Healthy Weight product for free for one month without reducing the cash reward. The first 100000 members are eligible with a proper claim form.

When the free month code is redeemed, the members who have a subscription will have an extension for extras for one month. When the credit is redeemed, those who have not subscribed receive a voucher or promo voucher code for a month of non-automatically renewing their subscription.

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As per Noom Class Settlement, Noom has promised to help people lose weight by a “combination of technology, psychology and human coaching”. It has failed its promise and led to finally settlement. Click here for Noom Class details.  

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