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The post covers all the important details of the Noah Bates Memorial Foundation and points out the methods to donate the funds.

Have you heard of the news of Noah Bates passing away? The news of his death has shattered his loved ones, and they are disheartened to know of the passing away of the eleven-year-old child by the tragic UTV accident. People of the United States are asked to donate to the fund and not present any flowers. The idea behind the fund is that the money will be donated to needy children aspiring for their higher studies at the collegiate level. The Noah Bates Memorial Foundation details are mentioned here in this post.

What is the news about?

The news gathered limelight after the death of the 11-year-old Noah Bates, who lost his life in an accident. The child’s memorial service was kept on May 23rd at 1:30 pm. People who were about to bring flowers for the condolence were asked to donate money to the memorial Foundation in place of the flowers that one can use for a better cause. The Foundation is set to help needy students who are planning to pursue their higher education and cannot get any funds for it.

Essential points on Noah Bates Memorial Foundation  

  • Noah was a happy child, and he loved to play baseball and was very close to his friends and family.
  • The Memorial Foundation is named after him to mark respect and collect funds to help needy students from all sources.
  • All the contact addresses have been provided in the Foundation, and the bank account details are present to initiate the funds as one can afford and would like to give.
  • You can also share a condolence message on the Foundation’s website itself, and if you know Noah and have a picture of you with him, you can share that too.

Detailed information on Noah Bates Memorial Foundation  

The Memorial Foundation recalls all the lost memories related to Noah, and their parents want to serve the funds for a noble cause. The family is heartbroken, but they have decided to help the children aspiring to study further, just like their child aspired to do so even in their tough times. The Foundation is solely for charity purposes, and people will not fulfil their personal needs with the amount collected. So, those interested in providing something in the fund can transfer money to the bank account. People will always remember the Noah Bates Memorial Foundation through Noah, a boisterous child who never failed to impress people.

The details of the Noah Bates Memorial Fund are provided here for your reference.


Noah Bates was a very happy child, and he spread positivity around him. Through his memorial Foundation, let us try to spread all the positivity that he had and, through his help, all the needy students in their higher studies and achieve their dream. By donating a small amount, we can help many children reach their goals. Have you donated to the Noah Bates Memorial FoundationComment below.

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