Nktrainer Reviews (March 2022) Is This Site Legit Or A Fraud?

This article provides information about Nktrainer Reviews to make people aware of the site’s trustworthiness.

Do you love to shop online and order things at your doorsteps? We all know that it has become easier for us to work online at our fingertips, bringing the world closer. 

Nktrainer is a website providing brand products of Nike, and thus people from the United States and Australia want to know the legitimacy of the site. Nktrainer Reviews would help you to have a clear idea about it.

What is Nktrainer? 

It is a website selling online products to consumers. It claims to provide Nike, Adidas, Air Jordan and various such brand products on its website. It claims to be an amalgamation of all brands at one destination. The website seems too good to be true, and therefore, people are sceptical about it. 

The website has used the Nike brand logo for its site, which is controversial. But, let’s see what its features are and whether you can trust this website or not. You would get all the required information about the site in this article like Is Nktrainer Legit or not. So, stay tuned with us and read the article.


  • Type of Website: E-Commerce website
  • Domain age: The website is less than one month old. 
  • Email id: support@jdonline.info
  • Contact Information: Not available. 
  • Certification: It possesses HTTPS certification. 
  • Return Policy: It has seven days return policy. 
  • Reviews: Not available
  • Ranking: Not available. 
  • Social media presence: Not available. 
  • Payment Method: No Clarifications. 

Pros of using the Nktrainer.com

  • You can get various brands at one destination so that you are not supposed to search various websites for different brands. 
  • There is a fusion of various brands, and therefore, it saves your time. 
  • According to Nktrainer Reviewsit also has a return policy within seven days. This is beneficial as you can return the product if it is not at par with your expectations.

Cons of using Nktrainer.com

  • The major disadvantage of using this website is that there is no trustworthiness of this website, and therefore there are no clarifications whether you should use it. 
  • The website’s domain age is less than one month, so it would be risky to trust such a new website and invest your precious time and money into it. 
  • There are no reviews available about this site. 
  • There is no social media presence on this website. 

Is Nktrainer Legit? 

  • According to our research about this website, we have found various factors about it, and the first thing is the domain age of the site. The domain age is less than one month. It was created on 22nd August 2021; it would be risky to trust a new website with no transaction history. 
  • Secondly, when we talk about the legitimacy of any website, it is mandatory to have a social media presence. But we are unable to find anything about it. So, we cannot recommend this website to the consumers as there are no reviews on social media platforms. 
  • According to our research, there are no Nktrainer Reviews on its official website, and therefore we are unable to find any strong proof about its legitimacy.
  • There is no ranking of the website on Alexa, which can prove the website’s traffic rate. 
  • Although the website has HTTPS certification, it doesn’t mean that this factor can alone decide the site’s legitimacy. 

Therefore, according to our research, this site seems suspicious, and it would not be wise to trust such a new website without having strong proof that it would not dupe the consumers. Thus, beware of such new websites. 

What are Nktrainer Reviews

This is a website that sells various brand products on its site. As per our research, there are no reviews about this website either on its official site or any other platform, and there is no presence on social media platforms. 

Therefore, we cannot find reviews on social media sites. So, to blindly trust such websites would be risky, and you must be wise to choose the website. Also Check How to Get a Refund on Credit Card, If Scammed.

Final Verdict: 

Nktrainer is a website that claims to have a wide collection of products like Nike shoes. But as per our Nktrainer Reviews, this website is suspicious and therefore, we would not recommend this site for your shopping purpose. 

Have you visited this website and seen anything else suspicious about it? If yes, then please let us know in the comment section below. 

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6 thoughts on “Nktrainer Reviews (March 2022) Is This Site Legit Or A Fraud?”

  1. I Warn You Guys Do Not Buy Anything On This Website.. I Recently Bought Some Jordan’s 11 on this website. It Took Two And Half Months to receive it.. And When i received the package it wasn’t the jordan’s i bought .. It’s was a pink Knock off Cashmere scarf that cost 5$ from china.. I was so upset i reached out through email telling them that i either want a refund or the right package sent to me.. i got a reply back from a weird email address wasn’t even professional at all and they told me that they didn’t have imma shoes in stock anymore.. I then wrote another email saying that i wanted a refund and they told me that they can only give me 40% refund back.. I was furious I got Scammed!! Please Report these guys!!

    • Hello Jay, Did you get any refund from them? It’s horrible, the way they cheat the buyers. They offer discount prices and attract the buyer’s attention and earn money. The scammers send different products other than ordered and give any reason. So, it is advisable to check the portals twice and then proceed. Please let us know. Regards. Take care.

    • I bought jordan 11 in December last year,I had to wait for more than a month and guess what! instead of receiving shoes I got a necklace worth less than a pound


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