[Full Watch Video Link] Nitavior Viral Video Trending Now Twitter: Is Scandal Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram & Telegram? Check Youtube Link Now!

In this article, you will clarify Nitavior Viral Video Trending Now Twitter and all the legit information about Nitavior.

Have you seen the Nitavior trending videos on Twitter? Are all of the Nitavior videos legit? Social media is trending with scams and inappropriate content. People are paying more attention to illegitimate videos and fake reports on social media. 

A trendy situation on social media came from a Gitlab website promoting fake videos and unauthentic content on social media. Worldwide, people believe in the video and are excited to watch explicit content. Therefore let’s find out the reality of the Nitavior Viral Video Trending Now Twitter

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Viral Reality 

A video of an Indonesian girl circulating on social media contains inadequate scenes. People who saw the trendy feet on Twitter and credit came across Nitavior Video with a full link on the official domain. The video on Twitter and other social platforms grabs the public’s attention. However, the reality is far different than what you see on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Viral Reality 

The viral video on social media is a fake and of some other girl who looks similar to Viorenita Sutanto. As per her Instagram account, her nickname is Onic.nitavior, and people are looking for her with the nickname. Additionally, the viral video on Twitter has the name Nitavior and contains explicit content. 

Who is the girl in the Video?

The girl in the viral video is an Asian girl, but her name and identity are not confirmed. However, the video is trending with Nitavior as she’s a famous YouTube gamer and social media content creator. The scammer finds it best to promote the video with the name of a famous personality to gain a massive audience and viewers on their website.

Viral On Reddit 

Besides Twitter, the video is also getting viral on Reddit, and people are talking about the video and the girl. The post also shares the full video links in the description section. Although all the links are fake and do not contain any viral video dispatch, you can see their blog posts and other content. 

The fake reporters use this tactic to grab viewers’ attention on their domain. Overall, people are not appreciating the video and report the post promoting explicit Reddit content. 

Nitavior Viral Scandal 

Looking at a popular Indonesian figure’s social media content, people believe she might have created scandal videos to gain fame. It is entirely false. There is no scandal video or inappropriate content of Nitavior or Viorenita Sutanto. You can check out her social media pages and videos, where she creates blogs and plays games online. 

Public Reaction

After looking at the Nitavior trending video, people were eager to get more information about her. Some people are looking for her social media handles, like Tiktok, to confirm the reality of the video. Another hand, most people are excited to watch if there are any 18 + visuals on her social media. Moreover, people are also looking for her bio and recent updates to get clarity about the viral video. 

Social media link

Final Verdict!

The YouTube channel of Nitavior clarifies information about the content she makes. Recently Nitavior Viral video has been circulating all over social media. The girl in the video appears similar to Nitavior. The video with the name Nitavior is entirely fake, as the girl in the video is someone else. 

What is your opinion about fake news on social media? Comment below. Also, check out Viorenita Sutanto’s official channel.

Nitavior Viral Video Trending Now Twitter: FAQs

Q1. Is the Nitavior viral video still trending on Twitter?

No, the video is unavailable on Twitter, but you can find false links on many websites regarding viral videos. 

Q2. How many followers does Nitavior have on her Instagram account?

Nitavior has nearly 2k followers on Instagram.

Q3. What is the TikTok account of Nitavior?


Q4. How many likes does Nitavior have on her TikTok account? 

Nitavior has approximately 60 million likes on her Tik Tok account with a verified profile. 

Q5. What is the food preference of Nitavior?

According to her Instagram post, she is a vegetarian. 

Q6. Does Nitavior have an account on Telegram as well?

There is no information about the Telegram account of Nitavior.

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