Niolena Reviews (Feb 2022) Is This Real Or Scam Website?

Have you researched the genuine Niolena Reviews to make a safer purchase? If not, this write-up is meant to prevent online shoppers from scamming.  

Are you wishing to wear trendy costumes depending on the weather? Then, let us inform you about a portal’s reality in the coming sections. Kindly carry on with this writing. 

In this era, the clothing business is in full swing, thus, allowing people to move towards online shopping. Moreover, the benefits of virtual shopping are endless, but it also has some drawbacks. We have seen scammers tricking buyers during the transaction.

Thus, today, we confronted a portal and numerous genuine Niolena Reviews from most users from the United States

Illuminating The Portal 

While exploring the website, we realized that is a shopping portal where trendy clothing materials, including sweaters, cardigans, tops, etc., for women are listed. In addition, over the website, it is written that their factories are situated in Vietnam and the Philippines to manufacture quality products. 

The platform also allows new designers to prove their skills and excellence by elevating the fashion industry’s level. 

Mentioning The Few Characteristics Of

  • The telephone number is absent. 
  • The social network icons are available to reveal Is Niolena Legit?
  • After buying, you can pay via PayPal or major cards. 
  • The return policy is limited to only 30 days. 
  • Since the portal enrolled on 30-07-2021, i.e., it is six months, 18 days old. 
  • A proper store’s location is not quoted. 
  • They guarantee you to claim your cost back within 30 days. 
  • Over the site, several clothing items for women are enumerated. 
  • The website’s official link is
  • You can apply for an exchange within 30 days of receiving the parcel. 
  • is the declared email address. 
  • According to Niolena Reviews, 5-15 working days are required for shipping. 
  • We haven’t found the newsletter option. 
  • Your product’s shipment update will inform you regarding the delivery dates.

How Is The Website Acceptable? 

  • The email address is mentioned. 
  • We collected many warm user comments on
  • The social links are working. 
  • We got positive Trustpilot comments. 

Why Is Inferior?

  • The store’s location and contact details are missing.
  • The trust rank value is low, i.e., 48.9/100.
  • Only a 5 % trust score value is extracted. 
  • The newsletter deficiency is noted. 

Is Niolena Legit?

  • Website’s Age– The domain is six months and 18 days old, implying that it was launched on 30-07-2021.
  • Alexa Rank– The affiliated details and values are missing. 
  • Social Network Connections– The given icons of Facebook and Instagram are real. 
  • Duplicated Content– The website’s content is plagiarised. 
  • Owner’s Name– The related information is absent. 
  • Trust Score– A low trust score of 5 % is seen. 
  • User’s Reaction– On Trustpilot and, we got only positive comments. However, on Facebook, users ask their queries, including clothing material composition, etc. 
  • Policies Stated– The Niolena Reviews revealed that all the policies are given, but the delivery information is not highlighted accurately. 
  • Domain Freezing Date– 30-07-2022 is the portal’s termination date. 
  • Trust Rank– We collected an unreliable 48.9/100 value. 
  • Location Originality– Over the website, distinct address information is unavailable, preventing us from determining to peel its original location.

What Are The Buyers Replying? 

While going through the reviews of the website and Trustpilot, it seemed legit due to all positive comments. Furthermore, we encountered people and website representatives discussing items on the Facebook page. But, none of the genuine Niolena Reviews accumulated from Facebook.

We found that this site looks similar to a few questionable websites upon researching more. Also, people are talking well about the site despite lacking crucial details, including office name and phone number. In addition, the website’s unexpected positiveness in a short time while possessing a low trust score and rank is indigestible. 

As a result, all the information created severe doubt on this site. Therefore, our site analysis warns buyers and recommends peeling its details carefully before buying. Read here to know the preventive measures from PayPal tricks


The accumulated genuine Niolena Reviews revealed the reality of yet another website selling women’s clothes. Moreover, you might believe in this site seeing the positive Trustpilot reviews. But, after researching more and finding some negative aspects, we prefer users to stay cautious while purchasing from for now and to research more. Learn and observe more about the credit card cons here

Do you experience any scams from the site? Then comment your thoughts to make other buyers aware. 

4 thoughts on “Niolena Reviews (Feb 2022) Is This Real Or Scam Website?”

  1. SCAM – Clothes are horrible and can’t return. Different from pictures. No idea who’s giving great review but I ordered one top. They sent me 3 and charged me for 3. Fit, size & style is NOT at all what they describe.

  2. Ordered 2 tops. Xlg. Fit like med. Material is awful. Could get better at Walmart. $40 DOLLARS EACH. now they are trying to bargain with me if I keep the tops. Because they get them in Dubai! No return address. Notified my credit card co.. listed this company as fraudulent!


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