Ningameshop Reviews {May} Is This Website Legit Or Not?

Ningameshop Online Website Reviews
If you have stumbled upon this site, then first go through our Ningameshop Reviews which will help you in many ways.

Have you ever bought video game consoles from any online store? There are many online sites available that offer video game consoles. Video games are very popular among teenagers or any age group interested in them. Players always check for consoles to buy them. 

So, today’s topic is based on a website that sells video game consoles. It is Ningameshop. This has gotten quite popular among the people of the United States. So, follow our Ningameshop Reviews to know more about it.

About Ningameshop

Ningameshop is an online game store that offers game-related products such as video games, video game consoles, etc. This was recently formed that only deals in game-related products. They offer popular branded consoles from Nintendo, PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, etc. They have also offered discounts on their products, but there are no company details provided by them.

Specifications of Ningameshop

  • Physical Address- Alexandria VA 22315 601 Rolling Creek Way United States.
  • Formation Date- Portal is known to be formed on 2022/05/14 which makes it a newly created website.
  •  Newsletter- The newsletter option is not available on this website.
  • Payment Types- If you want to know Is Ningameshop Legit, check that they have only one payment type: PayPal.
  • Exchange Policy- Exchange is available.
  • Products Offered- Video game consoles.
  • Shipping Timing-Normal shipping timing is 3-7 business days.
  • Website Link-
  • Return Policy- There is a 30-day return policy.
  • Contact No- +1
  • Email Id- connect via
  • Refund Policy- Refund will be reflected on your account within 7 days.

We will further our discussion by talking about the pros and cons of this site. So, keep on reading.

Pros of Ningameshop

  • Discounts have been applied.
  • The website is secured via HTTPS protocol.

Read the article on Ningameshop Reviews to learn every legitimacy details about the website.

Cons of Ningameshop

  • There are no customer reviews on this site.
  • Go through the article and learn that there is no social media presence.
  • The website lacks transparency as no owner information is given.
  • Unrealistic discount prices were found.
  • Contact details are not authentic.
  • Only one payment method is available.
  • News-letter is not available on the website.
  • The user interface also lacks in every aspect.

Is Ningameshop Legit? Or Fake

Here we will go through all the legitimacy factors to determine whether this website is genuine or fake. So, read about it patiently.

  • Owner Identity- The website does not have any information regarding its owner which is a negative sign.
  • Policies- Almost all website policies are available.
  • Trust Score- Trust Score of the site is only 1% which is not up to the mark.
  • Trust Rank- They have ranked only 14.9%, which is below average.
  • Social Media Presence- The absence of social media presence is a drawback.
  • Address Authenticity Their physical address is not valid; they have provided someone else’s address.
  • Customer Feedback- Know via Ningameshop Reviews no customer feedback is available.
  • Discounts- Discounts are available on this website.
  • Expiration Date- The website is valid only until 2023/05/14.
  • Website Foundation Date- This website was founded on 2022/05/14, which is just a few days ago, and cannot be trusted.
  • Content Quality- The return and refund policy are plagiarized by 66%.

Customer Feedback

While checking a website’s legitimacy, we should always rely on its customer reviews as it clarifies our doubts or our dilemmas about that site. So, when trying to search for Ningameshop Reviews, we could not find any customer reviews. There are no customer reviews currently. 

It might be because the website was created recently. But we managed to find some evaluations of this site. Read, if you are trying to find out how to get a refund via PayPal,

Final Thoughts

Through our discussion, we were able to find out that Ningameshop is a website that offers video game consoleStill, the website is very new and does not have any active social media accounts or owners. Its trust score is very low, and there is not even one Ningameshop Reviews

So, we can sum up by saying that the website is a questionable site. And we will also ask you to wait for future updates as the website is new. Read here if want to get your refund back via credit card.

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