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This article is about Niki Enhypen Older Sister, and a few interesting facts that have grabbed the attention of many fans and followers. Scroll down and read.

Are you a hardcore follower of Enhyphen? Do you want to know about his older sister? Then, this article is the best way to discover a few facts about Ni-ki Enhypen, his lifestyle, and his family. 

Several followers and fans across the Philippines, United States, and other world areas look for personal, professional, and lifestyle details of Enhyphen. 

Are you among those Enhyphen’s fans and followers? Then, please scroll down and discover all about Niki Enhypen Older Sister and their lifestyle.

Who is Ni-Ki?

The member of the boys’ group named Enhyphen, Ni-Ki, debuted on 30th November 2020. His birth name is Nishimura Riki, but the stage name is Ni-Ki. He is a Japan-based vocalist and primary dancer of Maknae.

Sagittarius is his zodiac sign, and Rooster is his Chinese zodiac sign, with 9th December 2005 as his birthday. Ni-Ki’s blood type is “B,” weight 63 kilograms, and height 183 centimeters.

Ni-Ki is from Okayama, Japan, and has gained massive popularity in one year and is well-known among his fans and followers.

Who is Niki Enhypen Older Sister?

Niki’s older sister was born in 2004 and had a younger sister, along with his mother, father, and a pet dog named Bisco.

His older sister is only one year older than him. Niki is also known with nicknames little Michael Jackson and Super Dancer.

He received training for about eight months before participating in I-Land and grabbed fourth place in the finals with approximately 1 140 718 votes.

What are Niki’s achievements?

Ni-Ki was a backup dancer between 2016 to 2017 for SHINee in one stage. Continue reading to know more about Niki Enhypen Older Sister and their additional facts. He was also announced as I-Land’s best dancer.

Ni-Ki gained massive popularity after his performance in the first episode of I-Land named SuperM’s, along with the two eliminated contestants, Nicholas and Hanbin.

Several celebrities praised Ni-Ki and his dancing abilities. These celebrities include Son Sungdeuk, the Big Hit Entertainment’s choreographer, Doobu, SEVENTEN’s The8, and J-Hope of BTS.

Additional skills of Ni-Ki include the following:

  • Ni-Ki is left-handed and can also play the piano perfectly.
  • He would memorize choreographies in only ten minutes and has Niki Enhypen Older Sister.
  • His birth date is shared with STAYC, ITZY’s Yuna, LOONA’s Vivi, AeXa, Nahyun, SHINee’s Minho, and a few others.
  • Dance is life is his motto.
  • He initiated dancing at three to Michael Jackson’s DVD’s.
  • He claims himself as the best at hip hop. 

Final Verdict:

Ni-Ki, the member siblings of Enhypen, is well-known for his dance performance in I-Land, where he stood forth.

His older sisters are Yang Jungwon, Kim Sunoo, and Niki, and one younger sister Park Sunghoon, and Jay, his only child. 

Also, check out more facts about the Icelandic Horse SSO. Please leave your views about Niki Enhypen Older Sister, in the end.

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