NHS Tax Refund Scam (Dec 2021) What Happened Here?

The guide shares details about the NHS Tax Refund Scam to update readers about the scam.

National Health Services or NHS is compelled to publish an alert for all its employees to update them about a scam by the promoters and scammers of the tax avoidance schemes.

According to the reports, NHS employees can benefit from the tax avoidance schemes. This tax refund scam has targeted many organization members in the United Kingdom.    

It is worth mentioning that the first NHS Tax Refund Scam was reported back in 2016, and there is no latest update on it. So, we urge all to stay alert of such kinds of scams. 

What is National Health Services Tax Refund Scam?

According to the reports of Action Fraud, the National Health Services Tax Rebate Scam is the new kind of scam targeted by different tax debate companies across the United Kingdom

As per the reports, the scam claims to offer services to the employees of NHS where they can get tax benefits and rebates on behalf of the victims. Scammers promote their services to the employees and urge them to sign forms, and permit them to liaise with HMRC on their behalf.

How is NHS Tax Refund Scam Conducted?

The Tax Refund Scam targets the workers and employees of National Health Services. The scammers commit the scam by infiltrating the NHS services and advertising their services to the employees.

As per the advertisement, the employees are offered services where they can get a tax refund. So, they are urging employees to sign forms to become authorized to liaise with HMRC on the victim’s behalf. However, they will charge a fee after receiving a rebate in their account. 

The main NHS Tax Refund Scam is that HMRC has stated that they issued refunds to companies after the requests. After refund confirmation, all approached the companies. But they fled, and victims received no tax benefits or refunds.    

How to Stay Protected From Such Scams?

As mentioned, the tax refund scam was conducted back in 2016, and there is no latest news available about the scam. But, you must stay alert and know how to report the scam if you fall prey to such scams. 

  • Research well to ensure the company approaching you is legitimate 
  • Don’t sign any documentation without checking registration details and contact details of the company
  • Don’t respond to any unsolicited texts, calls, or emails

If you fall prey to NHS Tax Refund Scam, report the scam to Action Fraud website and get the police crime reference number. It is free, and you can report the scam online anytime and get the necessary help and assistance. 


Scammers targeted the employees and workers of National Health Services for tax refund schemes. However, later it was proved that it was a scam, and there was no such company to provide them any tax refund. 

According to the report, many people were targeted by NHS Tax Refund Scam. However, it was reported in 2016, and there is no updated case of such a scam. But, you must stay alert and learn How to Protect Yourself from a Scam?

Do you have any latest updates on the tax refund scam? Then, please share it in the comment section. 

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