NFT Squishy Squad (Dec 2021) Grab Essential Features!

Scroll down the details in this article to explore the facts for cute and appealing NFT project named- NFT Squishy Squad, revealing the details for its sales.

NFT refers to the non-fungible tokens with their unique identity and non-interchangeable. This says that you cannot use these tokens for trading purposes.

This article below will explore the details for one such NFT that is exciting in the United States, the United KingdomCanadaand many other parts of the world. Explore down the headers mentioned in this article below to read the details for NFT Squishy Squad

What is the Squishy Squad?

We will dig into the details for this token from scratch, therefore helping you with clear answers to your queries. Squishy Squad is explained as an NFT project based on Ethereum. This total project has 8,888 squishes minted on 10th December, 3.00 PM. This slot was for the whitelisted buyers. Public Sale for the same will be on 12th December 2021 at 3.00 PM Pacific time.

Buyers for this token will have both physical and virtual utility. Physical Utility says that the users will get printed art of their squishes.

Founder Details of NFT Squishy Squad:

BentoBoi- AKA- Brandon Chin is the founder of this token. He is the best NFT and cryptocurrency influencer and has around 29,000 followers on Twitter and 17,000 subscribers on YouTube. BentoBoi is also an active participant on the JRNY Crypto Team, one of the reasons why Squishy Squad might be at hype.

Roadmap for the Squishy Squad:

Users who have minted or looking forward to minting these squishy squad will also get a cute squishy as a reward. This NFT project is a full-time, entire team project and will unlock each milestone when it reaches its indicated milestone. Road Map for NFT Squishy Squad will therefore be launched after it is fully sold, as the owners claim this to be a full-time project.

What are the steps to purchase Squishy Squad NFT?

Owners have declared three easy ways for the purchase of Squishy Squad NFT-

  • Whitelisted wallet holders got the same on December 10th, 2021.
  • Public Mint that was held on 12th December 2021.
  • Available on the secondary markets as well- through Open Sea.

What are the features of Squishy Squad NFT?

Some pointers about this project have been appreciated by the people, increasing the purchases for NFT Squishy Squad. 

  • Cute Art: The Squishy Squad art is really simple and cute, helping with the positive appeal of the users to purchase the same.
  • Influencer Founder: As we have already mentioned, BentoBoi is the NFT and crypto influencer with thousands of followers and subscribers on Twitter and YouTube. Also, his active participation in the JRNY Crypto Association can benefit the sale. 

Final Verdict:

After researching all the links for Squishy Squad NFT, we can say that the project is available for mint but has not been completely sold yet. Owners for the same have said that they will release the map after the NFT Squishy Squad tokens are 100% sold. Squishy Squad Twitter Account will further help you with detailed and regular updates about the token.

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