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NFT Ninja Fantasy post shares information about the Ninja project and suggests steps to buy the coin.

The rise of Non-Fungible tokens has great prospects for the gaming industry as digital currency was already prevalent in the gaming environment. Using the game in currency to buy different merchandise and weapons for individual avatars is normal activity for most gamers Worldwide.

Therefore most launches of NFT are seen in the Gaming Industry, and the market is also responding well to these projects. NFT Ninja Fantasy is the latest gaming project to hit the market, and its currency is available on Binance Smart Chain.

About Ninja Fantasy Game

Ninja Fantasy is a massively multiplayer online game inspired by the manga series Naruto. There are some variations in the game compared to earlier manga series, and every item available on the marketplace needs NFS by players.

The roadmap for this NFT started with concept building in the second quarter of 2001, and finally, the website was launched in the fourth quarter. The character of this game is an individual NFT, and all the players are competing to get the title of Kage, the most powerful Ninja.

NFT Ninja Fantasy Price and Supply:

The Fantasy token is currently trading on BSC at $ 3.50, with a 60 percent gain in the last twenty-four hours. It has seen a high and low of $2 and $4 in a day of trading and is quite volatile for new investors.

Some of the data related to Fantasy Token are listed below:

  • The total supply of coins in the market is 10,000,000 and will be proportionately distributed in different forms.
  • 6,000,000 tokens are reserved for gaming rewards, and 2,000,000 coins are kept for chakra control.

What are the uses of NFT Ninja Fantasy?

The NFS Coin is the game in the currency for Fantasy which is built on BEP-20 technology and has several utilities, which are listed below:

  • Players can use the token to purchase the different items within the gaming environment like weapons, skins, entry passes, and improving skills.
  • The character in the marketplace can be bought by using fantasy Token.
  • The different modes of the game give rewards to the players in the form of a token.
  • The chakra control system of the game rewards players in the form of fantasy Token.

 Therefore players can use and get rewarded with NFT Ninja Fantasy during their stay in Ninja gaming MetaVerse.

How to buy NFS Token?

NFS Coin is trading on the BSC blockchain and can be purchased by opening an account with PanscakeSwap. The investor needs to buy major cryptocurrency with fiat currency and follow the steps below:

  • Convert your Bitcoin into BNB by signing into a Binance account.
  • Put BNB into your wallet and connect it to PanscakeSwap.
  • Swap your BNB for a given number of NFS tokens and keep it in your wallet.

Final verdict:

The lock-in period of six months and a limited circulating supply of the NFT Ninja Fantasy has raised the price of this token. Investors and gamers should research before investing in this project, as there is always a chance of scams in the crypto market.

Online gamers can share their thoughts about the Fantasy Ninja coin in the comment section below.

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