NFT Metroverse {Jan} Checkout the Complete Information!

This news article is based on information associated with the NFT Metroverse and other upcoming updates.

Being a kid, each of us had some special memories with gaming and consoles. Are you a professional gamer? Do you have any attraction for Metroverse? If yes, then this article will be a great help to your knowledge. 

Metaverse has gained an immense amount of popularity Worldwide. Therefore, game freaks are usually waiting to know the newest updates related to the game.

So, here in this article, we provide genuine information regarding the NFT Metroverse.

What is Metroverse?

  • Metaverse is a land-based game that allows gamers to earn while playing. While playing Metroverse, one needs to earn $MET and, to do so, collect, stake, and trade your city blocks. 
  • The vision holded behind Metroverse is to let the next generation earn money with innovative gaming experiences. The game has three major markets associated with it: namely DeFi, Gaming, and NFT.
  • To buy assets in Metroverse, you should have collected the ERC-721 tokens to build a blockchain. Through engaging assets in this gameplay, you can easily earn in-game currency.

Why is NFT Metroverse trending?

In 2022, NFT hit explosive popularity. Nonetheless, some assets are sold for millions of dollars. Entrepreneurs across the shop are drawn towards the on-chain gaming projects. 

This method is known as play-to-earn mechanics. Also, these community initiatives offer a brand new experience.

About the play-to-learn experience

  • There are city blocks in NFT that are available in ERC-721. These city blocks are uniquely commercial, residential, and industrial bases. Due to diversification, block buildings look completely different.
  • Players can also stake their blocks to raise the economy of the city. $MET is the utility token in the Metroverse game; players can earn these tokens by staking the city blocks.
  • In NFT Metroverse, the more city blocks you collect and combine, the more $MET. 

Upcoming specs in NFT

  • By the end of 2022, the Metroverse community will add a new project to the community; 2.8k new wallets are connected to the official website network of the Metaverse.
  • January 2022 was beneficial to the Metroverse universe as Metroverse released 10,000 new city blocks. New city block prices can be revealed soon.
  • The Metaverse Discord community encountered huge organic traffic of approximately 8,000 members. Also received 7k+ followers over Twitter in initial weeks.

Note: – All the information shared here is a part of internet research. 

Final Verdict

NFT Metroverse has been a key featured game with the latest mechanics of play-to-earn. Therefore, it could be a completely new experience of earning innovatively for the newbies. 

We can also say that this is the future of games while earning money. Such changes could be a little problematic for those unfamiliar with technological advancements. 

How much did you like the NFT chain game? Can we say it is the future of gaming? Kindly share your views and suggestions in the comment section below. 

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