NFT Lazy Bunny (Jan 2022) Detailed Specifications & Features!

NFT has a long history of events, among which is NFT Lazy Bunny. If you are interested in understanding and buying the crypto, please click on this post.

Are you aware that NFT crypto is doing rounds in the internet and cryptocurrency market? Whether your answer is yes or no, we are, nonetheless, trying to establish as many details as possible in today’s article. Kindly stay tuned to learn more. 

NFT was earlier popular in the United States. However, it became a famous cryptocurrency worldwide including Canada, the United Kingdom, and India. NFT has also launched a new event recently that was named NFT Lazy Bunny. If you are interested in the same, please continue reading.

What is Lazy Bunny- NFT?

“5555- A bunch of youngsters accidentally sparked a forest fire that destroyed 90% of the Lazy Bunnies’ dwellings. In the aim of finding a loving family and a new home, Lazy Bunnies made their way to the cities. No? Then why don’t we get you a lazy rabbit?”

The above paragraph is an official description of Lazy Bunny- NFT. You can learn more about Lazy Bunny-NFT in brief by reading this writing piece until the end.

Specifications of NFT Lazy Bunny:

  • Five thousand, five hundred and fifty-five Lazy Bunnies in total
  • The Lazy Bunny costs 0.055 ETH per unit
  • The pre-sale quantity is 555
  • ERC-721 is the smart contract type
  • 77 distinct hand-drawn characteristics

How Rare is Lazy Bunny-NFT?

Each characteristic of Lazy Bunny was meticulously hand-drawn, and because we only made 5555 of them, each one is one of a kind. To keep the suspense going, we’ve decided to withhold the number of unusual qualities in each trait category for the time being.

Features of NFT Lazy Bunny

  • Five Ethereums will be given away in our discord and on Twitter as part of a promotion.
  • NFTs will be awarded to the most active members of our Discord community.
  • The community determines what to do with the community wallet, which receives 50% of secondary purchases.
  • At 0.055 ETH for each Lazy Bunny, the cost is clear and reasonable.

Rare Features of Lazy Bunny- NFT

As you can already realize that Lazy Bunny- NFT is a unique cryptocurrency, you will be delighted to know its rare features. Some of the rare NFT Lazy Bunny‘s features are listed below:

  • Backgrounds: 17
  • Clothes: 22
  • Ear Rings: 09
  • Eyes: 10
  • Eyewear: 07
  • Hats: 16
  • Mouths: 15
  • Skins: 22

How to buy Lazy Bunny- NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible tokens, and it will exclusively be yours as a one-of-a-kind digital asset, which you may later sell for a profit. Lazy Bunny NFT can only be purchased with Ethereum, which may be obtained through on-ramp services like Coinbase or PayPal. Transfer your Ethereum to MetaMask and then buy an NFT for the first time.


With NFT Lazy Bunny, you can even get whitelisted, which implies you will pay a reduced gas price compared to public minting. If you have more details about Lazy Bunny NFT, please feel free to share them with us.

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