NFT Imaginary Ones {March} Get Its Founder, Working Detail

Read about a new NFT launched in the Imaginary Ones Multiverse. Know the details about NFT Imaginary Ones below.

Imaginary Ones is most likely coming up as an NFT project, as evidenced by their social media pages. Please note that Imaginary Ones is in its pre-launch stage Worldwide. But, it has become popular because of rich and vibrant NFT characters. At the first site of Imaginary Ones characters, people fall in love with the 3D art creations. 

The date of minting Imaginary Ones NFT is yet awaited. Hence, let’s check basic NFT Imaginary Ones details.

What are Imaginary Ones?

Unlike other artwork NFTs, Imaginary Ones are like GIF images of characters with balloons replacing the body. Every character wears shoes and moves his left hand holding an umbrella, walking stick, Etc. 

The Imaginary Ones characters catch the attention of the audience as they are very cute, not horrific; their body is transparent and covered with small balloons. 

All the Imaginary Ones characters are very stylish with different attributes such as carrying a music layer, wearing a headphone, sunglasses, caps, Etc, showcasing a few famous cartoon characters. 

How do NFT Imaginary Ones works?

  • There is no information on NFT allocation and its prices on their website and social media pages.
  • Their website is present on the internet but, the content of the website is not yet commissioned.
  • Hence, there is no information about how Imaginary Ones NFT will work if airdrops and giveaway will be initiated, Etc.

Founders of Imaginary Ones:

Clement is one of the co-founders of Imaginary Ones NFT. He is also a founder of OFFEO and OFFSET. He is experienced as a Creative & Lead Artist.

David is a co-founder of NFT Imaginary Ones. He is also a co-founder of OFFEO and OFFSET. He holds experience in Strategy & Business Development. 

Imaginary Ones Price Statistics:

  • The Price statistics of Imaginary Ones NFT is not available as the NFT is not launched in the market.
  • There is no information about the date when the Imaginary Ones NFT will be minted.
  • Once the Imaginary Ones NFT is launched, the basic price statistics will be available within 24 hours.
  • However, the information on price trends and Imaginary Ones NFT market may take more than seven days after its release.

NFT Imaginary Ones Predictions:

  • The price predictions of Imaginary Ones NFT will be out after a few days from its launch date.

How to buy Imaginary Ones?

  • Currently, there is no information regarding the exchanges on which Imaginary Ones NFT will be listed.
  • Hence, the procedure of trading Imaginary Ones NFT will be updated once the marketplace and supporting digital wallets are announced.


Imaginary Ones NFT is anticipated to be a great project as the initial artwork of images shown on Social Media Pages reviles the extensive care taken to launch a type of premium NFT Imaginary Ones project with high-quality standards. Imaginary Ones characters are far better and more competitive than any other artwork characters. There are already 79.3K followers on Twitter, most of them waiting for the minting date.

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