NFT Hape Prime {Feb} Find Market stats, Buying Guide

This article describes a 3D digital art collection of non-fungible tokens developed using modified ape as the central character. Read more on NFT Hape Prime.

Are you looking for some interesting non-fungible token-based art collections? If yes, keep reading this article that explains such a type of art collection discussed among the crypto community members.

The digital art collection helps to provide an opportunity to trade when there is a potential buyer. Digital art enthusiasts from the United States are investing in various art collections that might get a higher valuation in the future. Read till the end without skipping to learn more about the NFT Hape Prime.

About Hapre Prime NFT Collections

Hapre Prime is an NFT collection of 3D digital arts created by the Hapebeast, a London-based fashion and art playground of Digimental Studio. The NFT collections consist of digital arts in 3D format with apes as the prime characters.

The NFT collection consists of various modified apes representing the ape’s evolution. The apes are given a creative 3D design and costumes that match the art and its concepts. The NFT collection is developed using the Ethereum blockchain. The official NFT mint started on 19th January 2022.

NFT Hape Prime

  • Hape Prime NFT collections are created to represent the evolutionary concept.
  • All the NFT arts are designed with perfection and are unique.
  • The price of the NFTs varies according to the rarity of the NFT.
  • There are three main phases behind the development of the NFT collection. The first phase is “In the Beginning”, the second phase is “The Hape Machine,” and the third phase is “The Hapewalk”.
  • The major features of all the NFTs are the unique clothing collabs and design provided to make every art unique.

Where to Buy Hape Prime NFTs?

  • To buy NFT Hape Prime, visit the official website
  • Log in using user credentials. New users can create an OpenSea account for free.
  • After completing log-in procedures, connect your wallet with the OpenSea platform.
  • New users can visit Trustwallet or Metamask to create a new wallet.
  • Load your Metamask/Trustwallet with ETH tokens.
  • Choose the NFT that needed to be purchased.
  • Select “Buy Now”.
  • Once the payment is completed, the user’s wallet gets credited with enough ETH tokens.
  • The NFT ownership is then transferred to the buyer. The buyer can trade his NFTs for a higher price. Read about the NFT Hape Prime.

 Hape Prime NFTs and OpenSea

  • OpenSea platform currently has a collection of 7448 Hape Prime NFT collections.
  • There is a total of 6000 NFT owners.
  • The floor price of the NFT is 6.9 ETH.
  • The total traded volume is 9700 ETH.
  • The most expensive Hape prime NFT cost 100,000,000,000,000 ETH. Samuel owns this NFT.


NFT art collections with unique features have high demand and value in the NFT marketplace as these NFTs can be used in multiverse platforms. To know more about this topic, please visit .

Have you tried to purchase any NFTs similar to NFT Hape Prime? If yes, please share your feedback with us below.

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