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NFT Fat Ape post discusses a collectible that is grabbing the attention of many cryptocurrency investors and opening its post-sale 17 hours from now.

Non Fungible Token is the latest craze in the cryptocurrency market, and everybody is trying to make the most of it. Each is trying to market their collectibles for sale, from actors to gaming companies, but it’s hard to find a buyer for every NFT.

The Fat Ape club project is getting the attention of many investors in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Germany. The community marketing strategy seems to be working well for NFT Fat Ape sales as they can get a substantial member on their Discord platform.

About Fat Ape Token:

Fat Ape collectibles are one of the top five tokens launched in recent weeks, and they are putting all their effort into the marketing of the coin. The Token is all about the Fat apes who partied too much and put on a lot of weight due to their sedentary way of living.

The poachers captured them and sold the apes to the zoo, but ten of the smart apes escaped and are trying to free their inmates now. The ten heroic NFT Fat Ape will be awarded $10,000 each, and after the sale of Fat apes, the owner of the Lamborghini heroic ape will win a Lamborghini Huracan.  

Fat Ape Price and supply:

The blockchain used for creating the Fat Ape collectible is Polygon, and it is a layer two platform built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Some facts related to Fat collectibles are listed below:

  • There are a total of 10,000 collectibles up for sale.
  • The Public sale starts on 1st November at 9 PM EST.
  • The price will start from 0.3 ETH plus gas and end at 0.2 ETH plus gas.
  • The pre-sale mint price is 0.1 ETH plus gas and was held on 31st October.

NFT Fat Ape buying Procedure:

People interested in this Token can buy it from the website of the Fat ape, or they can also use OpenSea digital marketplace. The floor price Fat ape crew available on the OpenSea platform is .006 ETH.

  • The website address of the collectible is
  • Click on the connect wallet icon on the website and get the required ETH.
  • Put the contract address for the Fat token in the given place and buy your token.
  • One can see the purchased token by connecting their wallet to the OpenSea marketplace.
  • People can participate in the public sale today and get it at a fixed price for sale.

What are the prospects of NFT Fat Ape?

The website of the company says that they have spent $100000 till now on marketing communication. They also intend to spend more in the coming days to up the momentum for the Fat Ape coin by roping an influencer marketer.

Final verdict:

The fat ape community has 135,000 members on Discord, while its Twitter account has 14,200 followers. So one can say that its marketing strategy has connected well with people, and they are buying the story of the developers.

There is also a lot of reward and incentive for the people joining the community. People interested in NFT Fat Ape can share their thoughts in the comment section below.

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