NFT C-01 {Jan} Get Allocation, Working, Price Statistics

Read the trending news about a 3D artwork NFT getting launched within the next eight days. Read about NFT C-01 here.

C-01 is an upcoming NFT this year that will be launched Worldwide. Did you know about the date when C-01 will be launched? How will C-01 work? Would you like to know all the information about C-01 so that you can decide on investing in C-01? Would you like to read a C-01 review?

You are on the right page, which gives all the market information about NFT C-01.

What is C-01?

C-01 is a non-fungible token (NFT). NFTs are a way to take full ownership of digital and virtual artworks such as paintings, images, music, videos, posts, tweets, Etc.

C-01 artwork combines unique 3D characters and fashionable outfits. Currently, the C-01 team is working on building community. As a result, 250K members had joined the C-01 community in discord within a week.

C-01 website:

Currently, the website does not provide any information about the NFT. Instead, the website shows three social media links and a text box for the subscription. Surprisingly, C-01 had very few Tweets and only six images of NFT characters.

Allocation of NFT C-01:

Each wallet is eligible for two allotments of C-01. C-01 will be available on It is predicted that the C-01 NFT project will be one of the biggest NFT projects in 2022 as it is anticipated to reach half a billion store value. 

How will C-01 work?

As C-01 NFT is a collection of 3D images, you need to invest and wait till the price of the C-01 token rises and then decide upon selling it for a profit. More details are awaited.

Founder of C-01:

Gilberto Zaragoza is the co-founder of the NFT C-01. Zaragoza comes with rich experience in the animation industry. Zaragoza had worked at Netflix, Disney’s Marvel, and Warner Bros.

Luis Monteiro had partnered with Zaragoza. Monteiro is a fashion designer from France. He had worked at Chloé, Saint Laurent, Yves, and Chanel. 

C-01 Artwork:

While Zaragoza had designed C-01 3D characters, Monteiro had designed their eye-catching outfits.

C-01 Price Statistics:

The price of C-01 getting minted from 13th January is ANTICIPATED to be 0.25 ETH. However, an official announcement is awaited. 

Price predictions of C-01 NFT:

Price predictions will be available after a few days from the NFT C-01 launch date.

How to buy C-01?

Currently, C-01 is not launched. But, it will be available on OpenSea. Unfortunately, information about its availability on other exchanges was not provided on 


C-01 NFT has become popular among the NFT investors, and by the trend of people joining the C-01 discord community, it is clear that more than 250K investors may buy C-01 on 13th January. C-01 will be available for public sale from 14th January at 3 PM UTC. We advise you to wait for a few more weeks for Investing till NFT C-01 gets established. 

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