New Yba Skins {July 2022} Get The Complete Data Here!

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Have you heard of the new YBA (your bizarre adventure) skin on Roblox? We will give you the complete list of the skins in this post. So, stay tuned to know more. Players of the United States have come across various skins while playing on Roblox, and now they are looking for more skins launched recently by the game developer. Your Bizarre adventure comprises many skins which stand at a different value. The article will provide all the New Yba Skins for gamers.

What is the new skin report?

Roblox announces various skins for the players from time to time, giving them an added advantage in playing the game. Recently the developer launched many new skins, some of which are easy to acquire while others are difficult to own. The game has popular views from JoJo’s weird adventure series, but all of which are not valued equally. We are listing some of the skins based on how rare they are to acquire. For example, Jack O’ Platinum and the Ghost world stand in the same case and are valued at the same points.

Lists of the All New Yba Skins

Here is a list of some of the skins based on their rarity value and listed according to those acquired easily. Let’s have a look at those skins: –

                  Skins                                                                     Tier
Horsemen of Heaven                                                        S
Devil’s Moon                                                                    S
Candysnake                                                                      A
Festive platinum                                                               S
Ghost World/    A
Jack O’Platinum                                                                 A
Horsemen of Heaven                                                        S
Sumo World, Festive World, King Peppermint,
Sumo Platinum
Tyrant Crimson, Nexus Crimson A
TWAU: Over Heaven                                                     
Spirit Bomb Sword
The World Over Heaven                                                   B
Made in Heaven                                                                B
Whitesnake                                                                       C
The World  Star Platinum C
Hermit Purple, Silver Chariot D
Magician’s Red
Mr. President                                                                    F

Details on New Yba Skins

The new skins mentioned above represent the values and the range. The skins of the same value and rarity are put together if you look at the list, while the others are placed differently and listed according to their value. Players interested to know the games and their skin value can refer to the list and purchase them accordingly on Roblox. The game keeps on launching new skins from time to time, and recently these few skins were launched for gamers. You can also evaluate the rare Yba New Codes, which you plan to own from the list.

Gamers interested in purchasing the skin and want to know the full details of the skins can read here.


Roblox keeps launching new skins and other coupon codes for gamers to keep them engrossed in the game and grab their attention. The skins are useful to improvise the game and the characters, and each skin can be used differently according to its value. What are your views on the skins? Did you go through the list of the New Yba SkinsLet us know in the comment section below.

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