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This article, “New Profile Picture Apps,” will explain why this app is so popular and linked to Russia.

Do you want to convert a selfie into an artwork? Are you aware that an app turns your profile picture into a piece of artwork? Over the last few days, one specific app has been extremely popular in the United States and the United Kingdom

The app has been trending on Twitter. New Profile Picture Apps is the name of the app. Hundreds of thousands of individuals have been using the new app to update their photos on the latest internet trend.

About New Profile Picture

The application will modify your uploaded photo and create a new image to share on social media. The app supports more than 100 countries and ten languages. The app’s developer invited users to “be different with a profile image that reflects your current mood” in a section of about a page. 

This app will convert your selfie or profile picture into a stunning work of art in seconds. You can turn your photo into a painting using artificial intelligence. You may also use this application to convert your old images. They also promise to use the most cutting-edge Al Technologies in their services.

Development Company of New Profile Picture Maker App

According to the app store listing, New Profile Pic was created by mobile app development company Informe Laboratories, Inc. They have already made many popular applications like “Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art” and “Toon Me – cartoon from photos”, which have received millions of reviews and five stars on app stores. The developer’s location is Tortola, the British Virgin Islands, on Google and Apple stores. Many individuals believe that this app is connected to Russia. A screenshot appears to show the registration of the website in Moscow.

According to a representative of the New Profile Picture Maker App, the app’s domain registration is in Florida, but the domain was previously registered in Moscow because the company’s owner lived there. However, the corporation updates the domain registration address because that person has moved.

Although there is no evidence that this application is a scam, you should be cautious when using any new app. A new profile Picture is a legitimate application. Numerous rumours circulate that this app will collect and send your data to Russia. Customers have also given favourable feedback on the app stores.

Final Thoughts on New Profile Picture Apps

According to this article, a New profile picture is an app that converts your selfie or any other profile picture into a stunning work of art in seconds. You can turn your photo into a painting; the application uses artificial intelligence. 

You may also use this application to convert your old images. And this app’s domain is registered in Russia, but now it’s changed. For More information on Profile Picture, read here.

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