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Jim Bakker is a famous United States Television artist who gained acknowledgement by hosting the most popular TV show named The PTL Club and his wife, Tammy Faye. Over the years, Jim has started facing several allegations on his faces, such as harassment and fraud. This results in giving downhill twisting in his life, including divorce with his wife. 

So, it is pretty exciting to know Net Worth Jim Bakker 2021 even after so many hurdles. In this article, we will talk about the same and put light on his life so far. 

Jim Bakker’s early life

Bakker was born on January 2, 1940, in Muskegon, Michigan, United States. He completed his college at North Central University, where he met his wife, Tammy. They both started dating each other and get married after a while. 

In his career, he became a former minister of Assemblies of God. He is the developer of Heritage, a popular theme park in South Carolina. Also, he had written several books on his career and the hardships he had faced in his personal and professional life. 

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Bakker’s statistics

  • Name- Jim Bakker
  • Full name- James Orsen Bakker
  • Age- 81
  • Gender- Male
  • Birth Place- Michigan
  • Birth Date- January 2, 1940
  • Nationality- American
  • Height- 1.7 m
  • Marital Status- Married
  • Children- seven
  • Profession- television artist
  • Spouse- Tammy Faye

Probably you know Jim Bakker very well. So, after this helpful information, let us know his average income and profession.

Jim Bakker’s career

He started his career in the broadcasting network from the year 1966. Then, he began as host and hosted the first show of 700 club show. After that, in the year 1972, Jim left the Robertson ministry and joined the Paul club and started broadcasting with them. 

So, the Net Worth Jim Bakker 2021 will be calculated soon. But before that, let us know his career in brief. From the year 1974-1987, he hosted the famous show “The PTL club”, which was a talk show.  

Then in the year 1974, he started his satellite network with PTL. He was living a luxury lifestyle until the two scandals came out. One is an erotic harassment charge, and the second is a fraud case. He was found guilty and spent 45 years in prison with a fine of $500 000.

From the year 2003, he started broadcasting on the Jim Bakker Show with Lori. He is pretty famous now as well, even after allegations. 

What is the Net Worth Jim Bakker 2021?

Even after gaining many allegations on his face, he is still very famous for his work. In his career, he has not been able to win an award and achievement. But he earned $800 thousand from his TV, ministry and televangelist. He has stolen $500 from his ministry funds; that’s how he managed to lead a luxurious life. At present, his total revenue is around $6 million. 

Know the sources of his income even after allegations; read here


We are just presenting the information we found on internet regarding Net Worth Jim Bakker 2021. He is leading luxurious life even after spending time in prison due to severe allegations. 

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