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The write-up on the topic Net Worth Island Boys discussed the twin boys who got famous due to their song recently.

What are island boys? What is their net worth? Why are island boys famous? Where are they from?

Now is the era of the internet and social media. Anyone can easily meet new people, create opportunities, search for jobs, and even run a whole business online. Also, Instagram and Facebook today is not just a medium of entertainment; it has become a platform to earn money and become a social media sensation.

Let us see Net Worth Island Boys, who are famous Worldwide.

Island Boys

Frankie and Alex Venegas are 20 years old and from Florida. They are twin brothers attracting a lot of attention after their song Island Boy got a lot of attention on TikTok. They earn money from YouTube and advertising products on social media as they have many followers.

 They also have an influential image on the internet for being amazing, and they know how to draw the attention of people. Their stage names are Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd. Not much time has elapsed while they entered the music industry; that’s why everyone is waiting for their next project.

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Reason for their Fame

The Island Boys or twin brothers have gained popularity, primarily to their captivating characters and distinct looks. Before becoming renowned, Franky Venegas started playing in 2020 and published a few songs, including Smoke, 9ine, and Real Right. 

They’ve been able to establish media characters who draw a lot of attention due to the popularity of ‘I’m an Island Boy. They also have tattooed bodies and usually dress in bright colors. Their fans and the twin brothers enjoy a great bond. They interact with fans by asking them to replicate them in different challenges.

Net Worth Island Boys

Island Boys have amassed a combined wealth of $2 million less than a month after their musical success. But these figures are just an estimate and speculation from different people. Because they have never made any official statements about how much they earn.

Some say they have a net worth of $ 5 hundred thousand. They have a YouTube channel also where they regularly post videos such as vlogs and music videos. They both have more than 1 million followers on TikTok. Their YouTube channel has more than eight million views. They have also launched their merchandising line.

So, in short, Net Worth Island Boys is not confirmed by any credible sources. Instead, people have estimated their combined net worth based on their social media followers and views on their videos. Including their merch line, advertisements, and other things they promote on their social media.


Social media is now a platform for people who want to show their talent. YouTube has changed a lot of things. For example, people posting videos on YouTube can work on low production and equipment costs, international reach, and free of cost.

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