Net Worth Elizabeth Holmes 2021 (Sep) Get Deep Insight!

This article, based on a self-made youngest billionaire, will help you get a detailed insight about the Net Worth Elizabeth Holmes 2021 and her life.

Are you fascinating about knowing the net worth of the youngest self-made billionaire in America? Then, do not sign off from reading this blog before getting the facts about a former entrepreneur who founded a medical diagnostic company.  

Most people in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and United Kingdom are looking to get the answers for Net Worth Elizabeth Holmes 2021. In 2014 she was also listed among the 4oo richest people in Forbes in the state.

Let us start with a brief account of her!

Life history of Elizabeth Homes

  • Full name – Elizabeth Anne Holmes
  • Birthdate – 3 February 1984
  • Birthplace – Washington
  • Father – Christian Rasmus Holmes
  • Mother – Noel Anne  
  • Schooling – St. John’s School, Houston

Studies and Career details

  • She studied chemical engineering at Sanford University. 
  • But, she dropped her studies after her first freshman year. 
  • Started funding consumer healthcare companies from her tuition fees.

As you keenly want to know Net Worth Elizabeth Holmes 2021, so willingly, you also must be looking for her success stories.

Elizabeth Holmes Recognition

  • In 2003, she founded Rea-Time Cures and later renamed the company Theranos.
  • In 2015, she introduced ‘IronSisters’ in the account of helping women in science.
  • In the same year, i.e., 2015, she was named under “most influential people” in Time’s magazine.
  • Glamour also announced her “Women of the year” in 2015 only, and she also received Honorary Doctorate letters from Pepperdine University.

She was also being awarded Horatio Alger 2015 Award. So now, we should look at allegations on her and do not take off your eyes from Net Worth Elizabeth Holmes 2021.

Elizabeth Holmes on trial!

  • She was accused of nine wire frauds and was also considered involved in two conspiracy wire frauds. 
  • She did not accept the charges and was imprisoned for about 20 years if she was found guilty.
  • Prosecutors blamed her for trickily getting funding from investors. 
  • Moreover, after many years machines, stopped working, which she claimed cheapest and fastest blood diagnostic labs.
  • She was then accused of being a liar to doctors, investors, and patients to raise 700 million USD.

Here, we are now briefing you about her total wealth!

Details on Net Worth Elizabeth Holmes 2021

  • In 2014, her net worth was estimated at 4.5 billion USD, and she was considered the self-made youngest billionaire.
  • After many accusations, Forbes revised her net worth to zero, and Fortune gave the title “World’s most disappointing woman.”
  • Her net worth is still $0. 

Public Comments

On 8 January 2021, CNBC claimed that Holmes’s primary motive was to make money instead of providing resolution. However, Sunny Balwani, the CEO, accused her of investing all the funding for the machine as a personal situation as she has a fear for needles.

Final Verdict

After our case study, Net Worth Elizabeth Holmes 2021 is 0 USD. She has started her success climbing at 17 years of age only, but due to unfortunate misconceptions, she got alleged and fell from apparently. Read here to know more about Elizabeth Holmes.

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