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The guide shares details about the Nesty Wordle and how it is related to the popular puzzle game Wordle.  

What is the answer for 313 Wordle? It is the question that many Wordle players are asking online and looking for the relevant answer to the question. The question urges the players to guess the right word that ends with STY. 

Since many words end with STY, it creates confusion. Different people are guessing different words, while some people in the United States, Australia, Canada, India, and the United Kingdom are guessing words out of the box. But you must not get confused with Nesty Wordle as it is the wrong answer.  

Is Nesty the Right Answer?

Nesty is not the right answer to question #313 on the 28th of April 2022. Indeed, the answer to question #313 on the 28th of April has the word ending with STY, but the right answer is different and not Nesty. 

Nesty is the wrong answer that was guessed by some people on the Thursday when the Wordle urged players to guess a word ending with “STY.” So, the word Nesty has nothing to do with question #313 on 28th April Wordle. The right answer to the question was “ZESTY.”

Why is Nesty Word Trending?

On the 28th of April 2022, the famous puzzle game Wordle released its riddle #313 with a couple of hints. The question comes with hints, like a word ending with “STY.” Soon after releasing the question, people started searching for the words ending with “STY.” 

After searching, many people shared the answer for riddle #313 on the 28th of April, of which Nesty is the word that some people share. However, it is the wrong guess, and it has nothing to do with question #313 in Wordle. 

Nesty Word is trending because some people guessed the word for the riddle #313. The right answer to riddle #313 was “ZESTY.” So, you must not get confused with the word.

What Is Wordle Puzzle Game?

Wordle is a puzzle game that involves guessing the correct word. Players can play this game on the internet free of cost. This game has been trending for months now. The fever of Wordle doesn’t seem to end anytime soon.

Josh Wardle created this amazing game that is now a sensation. The keyword trending with wordle Nesty Wordleis how much people are invested in this game. 

  • Let us see how to play this game:
  • Players will have to guess the correct word combination within six chances.
  •  The tile’s colour will change from grey to yellow to green to keep you on the right track.
  •  Wordle has the answer of the day, which means they release a new challenge every day. 


Wordle is the renowned daily riddle game that is getting very popular. The puzzle game had released #313 riddles up to 28th April. The answer to riddle #313 on the 28th of April was “ZESTY.” 

Since the word ends with STY, many players focused on the answer with Nesty Wordle. But, some people had the wrong guess as the right answer was “ZESTY.”

What was your answer to riddle #313? Please share it in the comment section.

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