Nerdle Wordle Game {March 2022) Learn The Entire Play!

Please read this account to learn about the Nerdle Wordle Game, a by-product version that requires guessing mathematical calculations with digits and symbols.

Are you confident in your mathematical skills? Was arithmetic or algebra your favorite subject in school? Then, you have a chance to polish your aptitude for math using an online game. Therefore, please read this report to find out the required details.

We have mentioned facts about a gaming platform based on another renowned puzzle game in today’s account. However, Math-fans Worldwide wants to know about this portal in complete detail. Thus, please read further to gain knowledge about the Nerdle Wordle Game.

What is Nerdle?

Nerdle is a mathematical puzzle-solving game based on the already popular Wordle. The fast-growing popularity of Wordle gave rise to several versions of this game. These include Heardle, Absurdle, Poeltl, Nerdle, etc. 

You must know that Wordle is a word-based game where players have to guess a word correctly in limited attempts. Likewise, Nerdle involves a series of digits and arithmetic symbols as the correct answer. Simply put, gamers have to guess a calculation that the computer randomly chooses daily correctly. 

Who are the Founders of the Nerdle Answer Game?

Computer professionals Richard Mann, Marcus Tettmar, and Gavin Manning are the backbone of Nerdle. They came up with the idea of this game while discussing Wordle. Shortly, they used their technical skills and launched this game. Nerd means a highly educated person. As this game is based on mathematical skills and focusing, the developers may have named it this way. 

How Many Games Can One Play Daily?

There are two versions of Nerdle, namely classic and mini. Both are available on the official Nerdle platform. The designers provide one correct answer daily on each of these games. 

How To Play the Classic Nerdle Wordle Game?

The creators of Nerdle have explicitly written the gaming instructions on the portal. Users get six attempts to guess a mathematical calculation. They can enter the digits zero to nine and the basic arithmetic symbols of +, -, *, /, and =. The equal symbol is a mandatory entry as it completes a calculation. 

Furthermore, the right side of the equal sign should be a number. The calculation in this game follows the standard sequence of operations, what we studied as PEMDAS or BODMAS in schools. 

Upon entering each guess in the Nerdle Answer Game, the color-coding denotes the level of correctness. For example, a teal tile implies the correct digit at the correct position. A purple block means the digit exists in the calculation but at a different place. 

Moreover, a grey tile means that the digit does not exist in the answer. Finally, there is another clause if the gamer uses repetitive digits in an attempt. If one of these digits is there in the answer, the other will show as black. 


Gamers who love Math would enjoy indulging in Nerdle. Also, you must be clear about the order of operations  to play this game efficiently. Although a spin-off, the Nerdle Wordle Game requires mathematical brainstorming, making it more fascinating. 

Did you play any Nerdle game yet? What was your winning streak? Please share with us in the section below.

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