NeilJewelry Reviews {July 2022} Read Legitimacy Here!

NeilJewelry online website Reviews

What are the users’ NeilJewelry Reviews? Is this reliable enough for public use? You can get authentic answers via this written article, so read it carefully.

Do you like to customize fashion jewelry with your regular outfit? If so, this blog has all the answers in it. A retail shop NeilJewelry is being featured as one of the viral websites in the United States for its mind-blowing collection and deals. The owner demands to provide exceptional service to the online buyers; however, what are the customers’ NeilJewelry Reviews?

Is the jewelry retail site safe to use? Does the shop have an SSL certificate? Moreover, is the NeilJewelry store trustworthy? All the answers are written further.

Introduction of the NeilJewelry store:

The shop displays a vast-ranging contemporary jewelry collection for women in the United States. The store brings outstanding modern jewelry collections with around a 21% rebate rate. The shop’s landing page has been crafted sophistically, using professional designs. The color and font used in this portal are pretty eyes soothing, and readable font size. The seller displays the categories in the top section, and those are- Earrings, Ear Studs, Anklets, Rings, bracelets, Necklaces, and Brooches.

So, Is NeilJewelry Legit? Well, those categories have no sub-divisions. However, the category’s page has multiple pieces of jewelry displayed on it. Additionally, the jewelry page possesses quantity selecting options, stock details, photos of the jewelry from different angles, and descriptions with material details. But we found the specification details are missing, which is important because the ‘Specification’ tab always shows some important details about the product. In the case of jewelry, the ‘Specification’ tab generally possesses the warranty details, post-purchase maintenance details, etc.


  • Link:
  • Address Details: The detailed location data is unavailable on the Contact Us page.
  • Email ID: The corporate customer service email address has not been disclosed.
  • Reviews: NeilJewelry Reviews are unavailable.
  • Contact Number: The number has not been shared.
  • Delivery Details: The details have not mentioned the duration; thus, you will get it in the checkout tab.
  • Freight Charges Details: Similarly, the delivery duration and the fee details are also available in the checkout tab.
  • Return Service: 3-day time frame is given only.
  • Exchange Facility: Available but, first need to connect with the authority.
  • Availability of Cancellation: Canceling an order is valid if only you do it within 6 hours after placing the order.
  • Refund Facility: 2 to 4 weeks’ timing is asked for this process.
  • Payment Gateways: Visa, Master Card, American Express, etc.

Pros Following Is NeilJewelry Legit:

  • The seller has an awesome catalog of contemporary jewelry for women.
  • Several different paying processes.
  • Connection of HTTPS protocol is detected.


  • Contact number & email ID are unavailable on the site.
  • No Alexa rank.
  • Location details aren’t visible.
  • The site’s content has a high percentage of duplicate data.
  • Operator details are unknown.

Checking this site’s reliability:

In this passage, you’ll be informed of how reliable this seller is. This section will include various points that have been determined using a premium SEO checker. So, read this section of ‘NeilJewelry Reviews‘ article and learn about it-

  • Trust Index: 1% only.
  • Skipped Pages: The detection can’t be done as the pages are restricted from checking.
  • Broken URLs: No links are found.
  • Reviews: Unavailable.
  • Community Profile: The links and details of those profiles are unavailable.
  • Copied Content: 50% common content and 34% duplicate content.
  • Missing Information: Contact number, email, and address.
  • Payout Systems: Different modes are available.
  • Operator Details: Unavailable.
  • Creation Age: 14th July 2022.
  • Alexa Rank: Not available.
  • Domain:

Therefore the details have shown us that the site is too new, with mere credibility.

What are the users’ NeilJewelry Reviews?

The shop has no reviews regarding its jewelry collection material quality, service quality, etc. Therefore, we haven’t confirmed if this site succeeded in getting the right audiences or not, although it is featured as a viral website.

Moreover, we haven’t seen any online advertisements regarding this shop on web engines. Hence, we must say one thing: no proper evidence has been found to prove its legitimacy. Also, check the process to get refunds on PayPal.

Final Verdict:

The seller has newly started its business on the e-commerce platform and failed to gather a good trust score and Alexa rank. Zero NeilJewelry Reviews and community profiles also bring the question about its legitimacy. So, people can avoid this site as of now. Moreover, read the methods of receiving refunds on credit cards. Is this article helpful? Kindly mention it in the comment box.

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