Neabot Pet Grooming Vacuum Reviews {June} Read, Then Buy

Neabot Pet Grooming Vacuum Online Product Reviews

Read exclusive Neabot Pet Grooming Vacuum Reviews, a product used and positively rated by thousands of pet lovers.

Are you conscious of the health of your pet? Pet grooming vacuums are specially designed to deal with fur. The different attachments that come with a pet grooming vacuum are specifically designed to clean the body of dogs and cats. Such vacuums come with a cover on the bristles and are bagless. 

Let’s scrutinize Neabot P1-Pro available in the United States and Canada in this Neabot Pet Grooming Vacuum Reviews.


Neabot P1-Pro Professional, a Pet Grooming Vacuum Kit is a new product on the market. The Neabot P1-Pro collects 99% of pets’ hair and also trims their hair. 

It is a high utility vacuum as you need not worry about the cleanliness of your home anymore as it collects pet’s fur and hairs that may otherwise pile up and spread all over your house. The Neabot P1-Pro comes with six attachments. You can trim the hairs of your pet that make them uncomfortable during high temperatures with the Neabot trimmer. 

Neabot Pet Grooming Vacuum Reviews the De-Shed attachment shows that it will help in drawing natural oils and prevent painful matting. Another attachment is used to collect loose hairs.

How to use it?

  • Use a correct attachment to trim hairs(seasonal), clean loose hairs(daily), or De-shed natural oils(weekly).
  • Next, switch on the vacuum and groom the pet all over its body.
  • After grooming, you can use Neabot P1-Pro to clean the surface for any dirt, and the nozzle attachment will allow you to clean your sofa too. 


  • Buy Neabot P1-Pro at:
  • Price: $179.99.
  • Discounted price: $159.99.
  • Instalment facility: Pay in four easy instalments of $39.99 with ShopPay.
  • Neabot Pet Grooming Vacuum Reviews of Package Dimensions: 17.32x 13.7x 7.64 inches.
  • Weight: 4.4 Pounds.
  • Manufacturer and Brand: Neabot.
  • Kit includes: 6 attachments, Sponge filter, Neabot Vacuum.


  • Neabot Pet Grooming Vacuum is effective due to its high 9000Pa suction power
  • Neabot Pet Grooming Vacuum has less than 60dB of noise
  • Neabot Pet Grooming Vacuum helps in cleaning allergens too keeping your family safe
  • Neabot Pet Grooming Vacuum comes with 6mm, 12mm, 18mm and 24mm trimming blades for different hair length
  • Neabot Pet Grooming Vacuum is bag less and easy to use

Disadvantages determined in the Neabot Pet Grooming Vacuum Reviews:

  • Neabot P1-Pro is suitable for small suction jobs
  • Neabot P1-Pro is not suitable for long hours of operation
  • Neabot P1-Pro is a central system vacuum cleaner. Hence, not suitable for large areas
  • Neabot P1-Pro may take a long time to groom pets
  • Neabot P1-Pro is expensive compared to regular vacuums

Is it effective and Valued?

  • Let’s review Neabot P1-Pro and its brand to check its value for money.

About the brand:

  • Neabot was founded in 2017 in China and entered the US market in 2019 to become a well-known manufacturer of household cleaning robotics.
  • Neabot Pet Grooming Vacuum Reviews ascertained’s below-average Trust Index of 40% as its domain is linked to a high-risk country known for hosting fraudulent websites.
  • achieved an average Business Ranking of 62.8%.
  • has a medium Alexa Ranking of 750,832.
  • is present on FB, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok with 3,273 followers.

About the product:

  • Neabot P1-Pro is sold on various shopping sites such as Amazon, Walmart, uBuy, eBay, Etsy, etc.
  • Neabot P1-Pro is also sold on Social Media sites like FB, Twitter, etc.
  • On Amazon, Neabot P1-Pro ranked #1 in pet grooming products.
  • Neabot Pet Grooming Vacuum Reviews determined Neabot P1-Pro availability in the market since 14th October 2021.
  • Neabot P1-Pro is rated positively as an effective pet grooming vacuum.

Customer Reviews:

More than 3,584 customer reviews on various shopping sites rated Neabot P1-Pro vacuum at 4.6/5-stars. 89% of customers rated it above 4/5 stars. 

All 202 product reviews on rated it positively, above 4/5 stars. Hence, Learn About Product Legitimacyas such reviews on, may be unreliable. 

More than 50 website reviews of Neabot P1-Pro vacuum are positive. In addition, there are more than 50 positive YouTube reviews. No reviews and ratings were found elsewhere on social media.


Neabot Pet Grooming Vacuum Reviews concludes Neabot P1-Pro is a legitimate product sold on various shopping and social media sites. was launched on 10th December 2019. It is two years, six months and seventeen days old. registration will expire within the next five months and thirteen days. Also, due to average Trust and Business Ranking, and Neabot brand is possibly legitimate. 

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