Nbwkoc Reviews (Sep 2021) Is This Site Legit Or Fraud?

Nbwkoc online Website Reviews

This post presents a piece of precise information concerning the Nbwkoc site and Nbwkoc Reviews. Do read.

There are various best ways to store mechanical tools in your houses or shops. Moreover, there are professions where it requires to have all kinds of tools placed properly in a reach. So, in this case, one can purchase drawers that are designed especially for storing tools. 

In the United States, there may be various virtual stores selling tool chests and drawers. Still, here we will read precisely about a particular store that sells only the workbenches, tool chests, tool drawers and tool cabinets. 

Delivering you Nbwkoc Reviews and Nbwkoc details will eventually aid in concluding the nature of this web store.

What Is Nbwkoc Com?

The shop was created on 20.08.2021, aiming to offer various tool chests and tool drawers to people across its servicing area. The website has some limitations like each buyer can make only one purchase or buy a single product. 

Having this product will help to store tools in the right way. The product brand name is different from the website name. The brand name is HUSKY. Is Nbwkoc Legit? For knowing this, you need to read further.

The company gives fast and free shipping. The product gets shipped the very next day or the same day. Sixty days is given as a trial period from the purchase date. The site gives the limited warranty of two years on items. The shop sells husky tool chest drawers, mobile workbenches and tool cabinets.

Specifications Of Nbwkoc Com:

  • Domain date: 20.08.2021
  • URL link: https://www.nbwkoc.com/
  • Category: shop husky mobile work benches, husky tool chest, husky tool cabinets. Read the Nbwkoc Reviews section given beneath 
  • Email Address: talangtvgch@gmail.com
  • Physical location: Unavailable 
  • Contact Number: Not revealed 
  • Payment Modes: PayPal, DISCOVER, American Express, Visa, Union pay
  • Return policy: Only seven-day return policy so the consumers can request a return within seven days of purchase 
  • Refund Policy: buyers need to contact customer service for a refund of money
  • Exchange policy: information regarding the exchange of products is not given
  • Shipping Policy: Shipping of products the time depends on destination location 
  • Delivery Policy: Products are delivered securely and quickly 
  • Social Icons: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube icons available 

Pros Of Nbwkoc Com:

  • We noticed while viewing Nbwkoc Reviews that the company delivers free and fast shipping 
  • The store sells products online such as tool chest combos, top tool chest, tool cabinets, mobile workbenches 
  • The website is certified and valid
  • Different pay Modes are available for making payment 

Cons Of Nbwkoc Com:

  • The company is just twenty-one days old
  • The contact number of the company is not given
  • The email details seems to be Unrealistic 
  • The trust score shows only forty-six percent 
  • The owner information is not revealed 
  • The physical location is missing 

Is Nbwkoc Legit?

  • Domain Age: Twenty-one days old
  • Trust Score: The trust score of this site is very low to only forty-six percent 
  • Reviews: The reviews are seen missing online
  • Alexa rank: The Alexa rank is not shown
  • Policies: the return policy of the site is restricted to only seven days
  • Address Originality: The address information is unavailable 
  • Social media presence: the social media pages icons are broken
  • Owners Information: Not revealed 

Seeing the genuine facts above, it seems that this company is a highly suspicious one.

What Are Nbwkoc Reviews Shared Online?

The feedback of different buyers helps to understand the website better, but here the Nbwkoc site is missing the comment of buyers online.

Many online web stores with suspicious information are made to scam innocent buyers and take away the credentials or money. So, in this case, you may check how to get a refund from the credit card if scammed.

The site Nbwkoc is not actively available on any social platforms. Furthermore, the Instagram and Facebook icon presented on the homepage of the website is broken. 

Many shopping sites don’t deliver the product, so what to do if the order is not delivered?- Get the information here!


The Nbwkoc Reviews are currently not obtainable anywhere. The site shows many defects Defect while exploring the company’s details. Readers many check if Nbwkoc Scam or not viewing the website information and policies. 

We suggest everyone not purchase any items from Nbwkoc Com currently because the site lacks many genuine facts.

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