Six Tips to Take Your NBA Video Games to a New Level

You probably want to make the Steph Curry dunk or the famous  Michael Jordan move, but you can’t do it on your court. Don’t worry; NBA video games have everything you need, from the NBA lines and moves to exceptional scores. All you need is the skill to play the videogames, and you are fit to enjoy.

As much as the online space has everything you need to learn to take your NBA video games to a new level, it’s shocking that not all the tips work. We have compiled a list of the critical things you need to do to shine during your NBA video games. 

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1. Choose the Top NBA Games

The NBA league is one of the most exciting basketball leagues. Many games have been developed to mimic what you see during regular games. Moves and tricks of your favorite players have been incorporated into the games to give you a realistic feel while playing.

Now that you have hundreds of games at your disposal, you may choose a few to start with; however, the process takes time and effort. You need to research the games and determine which ones are highly ranked and which the players enjoy most. You can make the correct selection and enjoy the video games through feedback.

Some top games are NBA LIVE 19,  NBA LIVE Mobile, NBA LIVE 18, NBA LIVE 16, NBA LIVE 15 · NBA LIVE 14, and NBA JAM for iOS & Android.

Find out from reviewers what the game entails and their feelings about it. You’ll find it easy to select a game worth your investment.

2. Grow the Passion Into Playing Games

You may have seen players who lose interest at the onset of an NBA video game. This could be attributed to the lack of passion for the game. 

If you are a player ready to enjoy the game, always create a passion for the game. This will make you happy with the outcomes and let you understand the disappointments.

You can begin by learning the basics of the game and understanding the various rules.

3. Get the Right Tools for the Game

NBA video games are exciting if you have the best video gaming gadgets. Good quality controllers are essential for shooting and playing tricks to win over competitors. Ensure you learn to press that button before the opponents block it.

A high-quality gaming laptop is critical. Check the processor to know if it is powerful enough for your video games. Most laptops designed for gaming have a powerful processor. We recommend a core i7 processor and above for smooth gaming.

You also need a gaming mouse, a switch, and large monitors. Try to select the latest items that have good reviews and high specs.

4. Play Without Emotions

Gaming may make you emotional if you invest all your emotions into it. Learn to monitor yourself as you play. Know when you are getting emotional and stop. Mixing emotions with the game will leave you exhausted and somewhat depressed if you lose.

If you play a game without emotions, the chances of winning are high, and if you lose, you’ll still allow yourself to enjoy the game later. In most cases, fans choose their favorite teams based on what they support in real NBA games. 

This may be dangerous if you expect the team to perform as it does in the actual games. This is one of the reasons for negative emotions that you need to look out for. Pick teams that you don’t support and play the games to win.

5. Research About Your Competitor

Online NBA video games have taken over the gaming sphere by storm. Many new players are coming into the space. Before you pair yourself with a player, understand that they are ready for tough gameplay. 

You must prepare well and have some background information about the player. You may discover some easy ways to knock them out and win.

6. Begin Small

We recommend you begin with a small investment if you are playing for money. New players often lose money to experienced players as they are unaware of the games and how to go about them. Losing a small investment won’t hurt you in the long run. As you progress, you may invest more into the game since you’ve mastered the tricks 


NBA video games are exciting and will keep you busy and still earn you money if you play them intelligently. Investing in research will assist you in making informed decisions to play and win. We have shared some of the top tips that experts have used to win NBA video games. Try them out, and let us know how they work for you.

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